Adam, you're on the blasphemous heathen watch list

| Sunday, May 30, 2010
Is there a God? Really now? Is there a God? Of course there's a god! You doubtful ones sicken me.

Oh but, faithful readers, it gets worse: He starts his own religion. Let me make it perfectly clear for you and him: there is only ONE True Path of the Light.

Capture Your God
Imprison It in the Basement
Drain Its Power

That's all. This new age soft nonsense of capturing leftover essence or some nonsense like that... NONSENSE.

I'll give the old human priests a break. They didn't know better back then. But the prophet, Naaru, has come and we have Heard his cries for Peace and we have Ignored them and we have Prospered under his Stolen Blessing.



We Fly Spitfires said...

I'm a Scientologist. Does that count?

Klepsacovic said...

I thought you were a devil-worshiping, child-sacrificing freemason?

Christian Clark said...

As a dwarf paladin, a most righteous and forgiving example of religious piety, I'm going to find Liadrin, tear her ears off and stuff them up her behind for what she did to the church in Straholme... and you're next pinky!

...does that sound right?

Anonymous said...

I am vexed at the average blogger's inability to click on that REPLY TO POST link, but instead make a post on their own blog (no matter how small).

Or perhaps they honestly believe they're too good for that.

or perhaps it's an unspoken, symbiotic relationship. One blogger writes a post, another blogger replies on their own blog, which is replied to at another blog, and so on. Web page counts rise, and every blogger relaxes.

Why think of something to say, when your blog can simply be about replying to other blogs?

nightgerbil said...

@ the anon Lmao get a life. This post guides all Kleps readers to the relevent blog that hes posting about, otherwise it wouldnt make a great deal of sense would it? Or are you under the impression his blog about ignored and used Naruu wasnt a) amusing and b) something worth sharing with his own readers? If so let me enlighten you before telling you to shove your heckling widthways :P

Klepsacovic said...

Some things are too important to be buried in comments sections.

Klepsacovic said...

Be polite people! No flaming in the troll blog. That goes for you, jackass anon and mouse-man too.

nightgerbil said...

Lmao kk

Anonymous said...

I approve of this publicity for my new religion. Please send donations.

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