I want more 'useless' PvP zones

| Monday, May 3, 2010
Tol Barad is going to be the new Wintergrasp. Except it's apparently also a quest hub. Us carebears don't like getting ganked while questing, so the current plan is for Tol Barad to only be forced PvP during the battle.


Wintergrasp isn't just an outdoor BG. It's also an area for higher risk, higher reward farming. I like having a PvP zone on a PvE server. It's somewhere to go for some excitement now and then that isn't the restricted context of a BG. It's a taster for world PvP. I like having that!

So I ask that Blizzard add a zone with no PvE quests, only a few PvP quests and a lot of resources to fight over. Oh and make it a no fly zone.


Dan said...

PvP has little interest with me, but I do know one thing - there is a good reason why raw materials are cheap and that's because of Wintergrasp.
While people much like myself could care less about it, I do agree that Wintergrasp has been a huge success with not just non-instanced PvP, but also VoA and being a high-value farming area. We'll see if it's going to be any good as a PvE quest hub.

Dwism said...

"you will fight when the time is right to fight". rememinds me of an old Asterix comic, where the romans conquer England, because the british are away on this thing they call "week-end".

Even as a pve player who does not care for pvp, this sounds silly.

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