Oculus Day

| Saturday, May 8, 2010
Remember when everyone hated Oculus and dropped group and tried to figure out all manner of tricks to avoid it? Well, that me, but backwards. I want to do Oculus on my paladin for a chance at the mount in the bag. But I've only gotten it once ever on random. My DK has gotten it multiple times, as have other alts.

Maybe I could coordinate a dozen tanks all queueing for it while I queue as DPS. That's it! It's like a lottery. They queue as tanks, meaning they pick the instance, since tanks are the hard ones to find. That will create 12 random slots for healers and 36 for DPS. If I queue as DPS I'm not likely to get in until there is the mini-flood.

But how do I get them to do it? Simple: bribery. The winner gets 1000g. Who is the winner? Whoever gets me into Oculus. 1/12 chance for 1000g just for queueing at the same time. I'd take the chance. Once we're in I'll even switch with them and tank if they don't want to. In fact, I could even use non-tanks, just people who can queue as tanks.

Of course there are the moral implications to consider. Anyone who doesn't get in my group is likely to leave, especially if they're not actually tanks. That means a whole lot of people stuck in an Oculus random with no tank. It's an exploitation of the system which would ruin the experience for a lot of people.

I'm anti-exploit. I'm anti-hurtingotherpeople. I'm anti-runningcontentjustforloot. This idea seems to go against everything I stand for. Maybe it would make for a more interesting place.

There's only one solution: Make it a holiday. On this day tanks will queue for Oculus. Get on your main and tank it. Get on your alt and tank it. Level a DK really, really fast and tank it. Where the tanks queue, everyone else follows, so Oculus Day is Oculus Day for Everyone.

It's not an exploit for personal gain, it's a holiday!

Oculus Day for Everyone!


Copperbird said...

Surely it'd be easier to just tank it yourself. It's pretty easy these days.

Novea said...

@Spinks: He already said he just doesn't get Oculus when he queues randoms as tank, you must have missed that. Also, the few times he does get Oculus, he drives the rest of the group away with his mouth, so he's just going to have to pay for it, not that having to pay for it is anything new for him.

Xbalanque said...

@Spinks Problem: you only get the bag if you do it on random (I thought). So, the whole point is to game the system, by having tanks use "Queue for specific dungeon", and then signing up himself for random.

Honestly, an additional "easier" option: chain heroics. You say you've only gotten it once on random. Then, my response is, well, how many randoms do you run in a given day or week on that character? I haven't checked via the kill statistics (which would be slightly off, since there's a few times I've used the finder to queue for specific dungeons), but I strongly suspect that overall, I'm being sent to the various options about equally.

I realize this will likely end up with a bunch of loot you don't care about, and triumphs you may not have anything to do with beyond making money from orbs or gems... but it avoids those things you say you want to avoid. If chaining heroics makes you fed up with them, or whatever... then, yeah, don't do that. But if you really spend enough time doing it, you'll get Oc. Now, then getting the drake is an entirely other matter -- but it *does* seem to have a fairly high chance of being in the bag.

Iapetes said...

I'm 99% certain his real motivation is to force people into oculus because it's annoying how many people cry about it.

Klepsacovic said...

@Spinks: The problem isn't getting a tank, but with getting the instance 'randomly'.

@Novea: I can't think of the last time I "drove a group away with my mouth".

@XBalanque: With 16 instances to possibly get, the random odds aren't very good. Besides, a big effort like this would help everyone get drakes. I'm being super friendly helpful!

@Iapetes: I'm only trying to spread the joy of flying a dragon.

Anonymous said...

Dude try doing 6-8 hcs a day like I do in random. I get occy every other day, took me 2 weeks to get my first drake. Spend the time, get the ride.

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