How to make heroics more interesting: part 2

| Thursday, May 6, 2010
Don't have a dress? Don't have a useless weapon or stupid title? Fear not! You too can play like a dumbass and enjoy it.

Step one: Queue with a healer who you trust.
Step two: Give up on the concept of aggro management.
Step three: Add tank to your options after the tank gets sick you you being an aggro-pulling jackass and leaves.
Step four: Put up Righteous Fury and carry on as you were.
Step five: Wuss out and put on a defense trinket (repelling charge is multi-purpose!) and some tanking rings.

Step ten: Win.

Keep up Sacred Shield. Just because you're playing like an idiot doesn't mean you have to play badly.

Rock the meters. Seal of command combined with a perpetually reset divine storm is ridiculous damage on trash.

She soon enraged and killed me in three hits.

Divine Protection saves the day.


Edawan said...

Why annoy another tank by playing badly, when you could just queue as a tank from the beginning ?
(even if you just plan on tanking as ret)

Klepsacovic said...

It wasn't really planned out. Instead it appeared that I'd be put in a group with a much less geared tank and other DPS. I gave up after seal of command was pulling aggro.

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