Healers are rude

| Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Kereedria suggests that healers are more aggressive. Something about throwing out heals. Nonsense. That's not aggressive.

No, healers are rude. Body language matters. What makes healers rude?

They lack any sort of subtlety. They cannot motion in a direction. They cannot look over there and you follow their eyes. No. Instead they yell, out of nowhere, to go, pull, attack. Or they seem to shove you with a prayer of mending or sacred shield, as if they are kicking you out of an apartment and throwing your socks out the window.

It's not that they are bad people. But they are stuck in the back and easily squish.

In contrast a tank can move. He can ease over this way or face over there or target that. Presumably the healers are targeting the tank and possibly the DPS as well. A tank doesn't just look at a mob. He looks and points and says "see that over there?" He has body language.

He can gesture and hint and make eye contact or not.

Imagine someone with no facial expression, no hand gestures, no pointing or looking, and imagine them trying to explicitly state everything. We don't like frowns much or when people back away when we attempt to converse with them, but imagine instead hearing "I am unhappy to see you and do not wish for you to come much closer." I'm sure you'd back away. That's a healer, the talker, the rude and more than slightly uncomfortable to be around one.

Meanwhile DPS are Harpo Marx talking through a bicycle horn and impromptu harp solos while running around doing god knows what, without a word.


Keredria said...

Oh my dear Klep, Klep, Klep... you silly silly man/non-healer.

Seriously, you do crack me up though. :p

Gronthe said...

I recently was in a raid group (as a healer) when after a wipe a DPS asked "Why didn't the healers heal us in that fight?"

Those kind of comments made me...cranky (you say rude, and that's fine too).

I seriously doubt that healing attracts naturally rude people. Rather I think healers are becoming cranky due to all the negative comments laid on them by their fellow raid/party members.

How many times would you allow a random DPS to tell you how much you suck at healing when you know he doesn't have all the information in front of him/her? Not many times for sure and certainly not indefinatly. Sooner or later you're going to crack.

Anonymous said...

There can be problems with PuG behavior. For healers who run a lot of randoms that behavior can make them skittish, defensive, and downright rude. The healer's problems are even worse if they're undergeared/skilled for the instance or the pace.

Then there's the off-spec "Harpo Marx" healers who are just there for fast Frosts. Good luck with those tools.

My own perspective is this is all crazy talk. Why should I be rude when heroics are so easy? This all sounds preposterous.


Hana said...

I think if a healer has past experience with a lot of Harpo Marx dps they may be predisposed to being rude, just because they're tired of putting up with shenanigans and the point not getting across.

I notice that sometimes the healer sounds like the whiney one in the party because they're always the one that has to tell everyone to wait they need mana (maybe not so much in today's heroics), or tell people to stop standing in stuff, or tell the tank that chain pulling an entire room in his current gear level is a bad idea.

And the healer is the one stuck doing it the most, because the group overextending itself generally hurts their job more than anyone else's.

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