I'm more leet than you because I do trivial content

| Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Cassandri of Hots and Dots asks: "Can I spot the elite? The most geared, successful 25 man raids on the server hanging around in Dalaran? Not a chance. Clothes don’t give you prestige."

To which I respond, no, you're just bad at looking. You're looking in the wrong places! The truly awesome players do stand out. Not with amazing loot and Kingslayer. Dime a dozen! No, we amazing players stand out with trivial loot and stupid titles.

We have an alternative strategy of leetness. While others chase exclusive content in pursuit of accomplishment, we chase the content that no one gives a damn about.

We are the pinnacle of the Self-Gimping Elitists. Better loot? Oh sure, I could use it. IF I WAS TERRIBLE. We're just so awesome that we don't need good gear. But we're also honest. We don't make undergeared posts and claim we're awesome and don't care what you think. We admit that we care what you think and we go to great lengths to make you think we are awesome.

We. Wear. Dresses. And they look god damn sexy. See we're smart. Dresses aren't meant to be functional. They are meant to er... inspire. And what could be more inspiring than knowing that someone has killed Ragnaros, a completely useless boss, enough times to be blessed by the RNG? That is a person you want in a raid, because we all know that RNG + persistence = leet skill.

Or to put it a shorter way: The way to distinguish oneself isn't to do what everyone else is doing. Or you could be yourself, just like everyone else.

As my hero once said "I may have just wasted an hour of your time." Except I hope this didn't take an hour.


Cassandri said...

Meh sounds like extra bag space is required. I'm too lazy. I'm also liable to forget to actually equip my raid gear as we pull trash, or heaven forbid, a boss.

Now stupid titles - that's something I can get behind. Shame they only make them for the Wrath stuff. And I hate holiday achievements.

Usually I will switch my title to match the situation, or to remind me of something. Nights full of horrid, unnecessary wiping have been known to make me switch to The Patient. Just because maybe, if I see that, I might actually try and live up to my name.

I also like to swap to my home town tag "of Stormwind" when I enter ToC or am in the presence of the King himself.

Am I strange? Maybe. Most people don't notice it though.

Wish I had Queen of the Ogres from the Ogril'a quests. That would be a sweet, fun title.

Klepsacovic said...

Bloodsail Admiral and the Insane are both non-holiday. I hope you like killing goblins as much as I do. :)

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