Let's Kill Sindragosa

| Thursday, May 27, 2010
Since sometime in BC I've been a member of the guild Collective Conscious on US Zul'jin. We've had our ups and downs. Frankly we're in a bit of a down, but I see an upcoming up. Cause we're going to murder Sindragosa and take her stuff and use it to kill Arthas.

Here's our boring forum recruitment ad. Part of it, because the whole thing is spammy.

Collective Conscious is a hybrid raiding and casual guild representing the honorable Horde of Zul'jin. For our raiders, who are dedicated to high end guild progression, we partake in 25-man content. For our casual players, our members who don't wish to or can't meet the raid requirements, we offer a place to make new friends and find groups. Our casual members will also have the opportunity to still see some of the high end content they'd miss in regular casual guilds if they find the time or desire to do so. The members of Collective Conscious are more like a family then a guild and we strive to make this game enjoyable for all those who play, whatever their individual goals.

We are currently looking to add to our raiding ranks; and therefore are opening applications for all classes, however we are more specifically looking for more caster dps, primarily Mages

We are looking for Quality players with at least 2/3 Raid Attendance available. We Raid Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights Invites start at 8:00PM Server first pull at ~8:30 Server, and we raid until 12:00AM Sever.


Wasn't that fun?

Here's my own recruitment: We're one boss away from Arthas, and on that boss, Sindragosa, we're making solid progress. We're not a top guild and we don't aspire to be. If that's what you want, there are many other guilds. But we are a guild that kills bosses and has fun doing it.

We're a social guild. That tends to mean an isolated, loot-whoring clique, and incessant drama. Well not at all. We run DKP based on tangible things like attendance and killing bosses, spending based on fixed prices with none of the manipulation that comes with a bidding system (though I must admit, I loved the time I was pretty much the only warlock back in MC with a guild that used bidding). The last drama I saw was indirectly caused by me, Iapetes, a paladin friend, and a whole lot of happy fun rocks. I bet you'd love to have your only drama consist of the sky being filled with happy fun rocks. They're happy and fun!

I won't lie to you and say we're the next big guild or the happiest time in the world, because you'd know that's a lie. But I will honestly say that we kill bosses and have a fun time doing it. We have fun in gchat and fun in raids and ... GNOMES WITH THUNDERFURY MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, SO FUCKING JOIN.

More seriously, if you're looking for a good shot at killing Sindragosa and Arthas, this is it. No, I lied. This is not a good shot. That is an understatement. Sindragosa will die whether you join or not, so wouldn't you rather be there to see it? Then we will kill Arthas and laugh as Tirion is told to never let anyone know what happened and then builds a monument to it in Dalaran.

If you're curious about our server, it's east coast time, whatever that is. The population isn't tiny or gigantic, and I suspect a GM recently started murdering anyone who types anal in trade, because that seems to be dying down. Our economy works pretty well: you can buy what you need, or sell it can get rich as hell. If you are thinking of transferring and bringing materials, I'd compare prices first.

Back to the guild, we have crafters for just about anything. They're friendly helpful people. By friendly I mean sarcastic. But they can still make stuff. For my own part, I have a small army of alts which I use as a managed economy, meaning that I can make any glyph, quite a few gems, and anything except those elitist enchants that come from raids. However my enchanter wields a Finkle's Lava Dredger, so you know he does good stuff. And he is the troll shaman, Klepsacovic.

Other benefits of joining my server include being on my server and being on the same server as me.

So come to Zul'jin and join Collective Conscious. It's a way better value than a pony.


mark said...

That's awfully tempting, i might send an alt over as my main (rogue) is in a guild in the exact same spot.
You have become my favorite wow blogger, after weeks of reading the amusing/insane? rantings of gevlon and the noisy rogue, you seem like a fun guy... you remind me of Yassarian from catch 22 too... we shall see. Also, are you eu or us server? that's kinda important

dalvengyr, U.S.

Klepsacovic said...

I'm glad to hear that you enjoy my posts. Have you explored the blogosphere much? If not, go digging through blogrolls, you might like what you find.

Leah said...

! you know, Zuljin was one of my top 3 contenders for a "server to transfer to" but Turalyon won out becasue it just seemed a little less trolly and slightly more pug friendly o_O

could you use mediocre elemental/resto offspec with even less then mediocre enhance abilities shaman with a bevy of alts (specifically warlock, disc/shadow priest, and holy/prot pally) and plan to rebuild the rest of the army I will never afford to transfer, and speaking of that - who can only transfer in about 3-4 weeks (stupid vet bills I've gotten spoiled by our old vet and his ridiculously low prices...)

/deep breath
/tries to cut down on neediness some
/laughs weakly

Klepsacovic said...

I'm pretty sure we need more ranged DPS. There's usually an officer, or at least a more knowledgeable than me raider, online. You will have to pick a main though; I only know of a very few times that we've taken alts.

mark said...

For a while it was just rogue blogs, when i was learning to play better at 80 and such for raiding, but Ive branched out since then and read a number of blogs, also is your server E.U. or US.?

Leah said...

aaah, yes the dreaded alt situation :/ I have terrible time picking a main :( oh well good luck!

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