I'm a hero

| Friday, May 28, 2010
Someone posted 120 single infinite dust at the lowest price. This ruins any attempt to search without the assistance of addons, since any sorting by low results in a whole lot of spam, while sorting by high results in the highest prices.

Well thanks to AH addons which can partially automate buying, I was able to buy all of them with just a few clicks and a lot of waiting, time I used to write about how awesome I am.

I have saved the day. No need to thank me.


Dwism said...

come play on my server!
I know Tam!!

Ratshag said...


Klepsacovic said...

Tam is on your server? But he's a Euro. I don' associate with their kind, what with having been born somewhere else and all.

Jokkl said...

thanks dude... cuz of this my weekend was very... delightful... i think...

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