Be creative

| Friday, May 7, 2010
Anyone can call someone dumb or a fag. That's easy. And rather meaningless. They've all degraded into generic words for things which are disliked. How far has language fallen? We used to accuse people of having mothers who smelled of elderberries, and now we just call them gay? That's just sad.

Be creative! Dig up an old word, an old phrase. Reference Shakespeare, or better, some awful contemporary of whom no one has heard.

Or if you're really feeling adventurous: don't insult them at all, and instead analyze what they are saying and see if it truly is gay and stupid.




Anonymous said...

Fucking Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Richard Cranium

My dad taught me that as an alternative to Dk Head.
( old school richards were called D*ck)

Sven said...


Actually, DK head might be a splendid new insult. It implies you have the brains of the average DK.

Tobold said...

You call me gay? That's not what your girlfriend said! And I'm also not as stupid as you look!

Dwism said...


Leah said...

Victorian insults! you perdiferous knave!

Klepsacovic said...

Anonymous, I don't think you're getting the idea.

DK-head... it sounds bad. Very bad.

Cass said...

I've always been quite fond of killjoy.

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