What to put in Cheerscore?

| Monday, January 11, 2010
Shamelessly stolen from Larisa: What's Your Cheerscore?

How do you want to run this instance?
Rank by order of importance:
Kill everything
Learning the pulls
Learning the bosses

Fast: While obviously no one wants an instance taking ten minutes per pull as people go afk or a healer drinking every other mob. Chain-pulling; the paladin will cry if DP falls off.
Social: You're not in random PUGs to make friends, but why not be human and talk a bit? We're not the guys in Resevoir Dogs, we can talk. But I still don't want to know your name.
Kill everything: Maybe you want rep, XP, trash drops, or you're just a sociopath.
Explore: This means you're going to be going a little slower to look around, do some extra pulls, pick up quest items, and perhaps admire the art that the instances are.
Learning the pulls: This player is new, probably a new tank, and just needs some time to figure out what to pull, where pats are, where LoS obstacles are and when to use them. This will not be fast.
Learning the bosses: You might wipe on a boss. Or you might learn a new strat and be amazed.

Note that scores initially are nominative, not ordinal: in other words, they describe rather than rank. With some digging you could see how scores match up; so people with the same 1 and 2, or switched 1,2,3 might fit well together.

What would you add? And what's your score?

4Kill everything
6Learning the pulls
5Learning the bosses

I noticed that the order in which I thought of these roughly matches the order of importance.


LarĂ­sa said...

Nice try to define a Cheerscore! I think I'm in for a little bit of everything - except one: "kill everything". Even when I'm levelling my alt I'm fine with leaving a few up as long as it doesn't cause immense problems while running back from a wipe.

Leah said...

if by kill everything you mean kill every single trash mob then god no. but if by kill everything you mean kill every boss that the instance has? then hell yes.

I also think there should be a separation between a speed run (as it don't stop, not even for bosses - lets beat that random heroic debuff timer) and your average semi efficient run (as in, you pull quickly, but you actually have time to loot/skin/herb once in a while and maybe even drink before the boss) Although that might possibly be included in an explore category...

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: Maybe there should be a "kill everything" and a "won't use risky shortcuts" option, since I am not eager to kill every scrap of trash, but I hate when people try to take a shortcut over here and around that pat and if we hug this corner we won't aggro that...

Then we wipe.

@Leah: Hm, sub-category of speed run: speed run that lets us loot.

And achievement run, how did I forget that!?

Nerd said...

Why not know my name? *sigh* We can be buddies!

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