Player-made Heirlooms

| Friday, January 1, 2010
As I was looking at level 60 Darkmoon decks I was struck by a question: Wouldn't these be great for leveling? Too bad they're level 60 and very quickly obsolete.

So how about making them heirlooms, scaling up until 60?

Heroism: The healing would be lower at low levels. This might be a huge boon to warriors.
Maelstrom: Weaker nature damage proc. Could this be the ultimate enhancement leveling trinket?
Blue Dragon: Doesn't even need scaling, it works off stats.
Twisting Nether: Same thing, it self-scales.

These are all quest rewards, but thanks to inscription, the individual card are crafted in addition to world/boss drops.

Could this go further? I think alchemy has an easy option with its unlimited flask/potions. Perhaps they could have weaker BoA versions. Other crafters could make BoA 'greens', items which are uncommon quality, so as to not discourage instances, but would be persistent, creating a market for crafters and helping to keep gear reasonably up to date with the fast leveling. The material level would need some figuring out. Hopefully this would help to further expand the role of crafting in a way other than the latest super-expensive BiS.

Or is this all the wrong direction and it's time for characters to stand on their own again, besides a bit of gold and bags?


LifeDeathSoul said...

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they converted those Trinkets into the guild Heirlooms next time. Then wouldn't it be the same as what you propose ;) It would also help create the community support that Blizzard wants Guilds in WoW to be :)

Klepsacovic said...

That seems plausible.

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