I like my bubbles

| Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Double, double pull and trouble;
Fire burn, and paladin bubble

Of course I like my immunity bubble.

I also like my 50% less damage bubble.

And the Divine Intervention bubble on other people saves me repairs, so that's nice.

But I also like my figurative bubbles. I like my tanking bubble. It protects me from the elitist, speed-running, wipe-causing, asshole tanks that supposedly are rampant in LFD. I've had one non-me tank since LFD started (outside of raids) and that was a very short HoR run, short due to fail.

Maybe this accounts for my generally positive perspective of LFD. I get near-instant queues (I blame lag) and I get to control the group somewhat.

in unrelated news, last night's ICC went very well. I got a new plate chest (die, leather!) and am now so far over the hit cap it has gone from being non-ideal to noobish to terrible and has now passed back around to being funny, if frustrating. Lady Deathwhisper felt overnerfed. I suppose we have downed her before, but either we played perfectly (which we didn't) or the adds were far too easy and her shield too weak, because it felt effortless. But, it is a game and this is only my perspective. Probably someone out there thinks she is perfectly tuned now.


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