Gnome Hunters

| Wednesday, January 13, 2010
To my fellow bloggers: Please stop writing interesting topics that I want to respond to with more than just a short comment. Gnome hunters have gotten pushed back practically a week because of you. Please, think of the gnomes.

If any of you read the WoW general forums much, one of the MVPs is named Palehoof and he's a tauren engineer of the gnomish variety. As he was showing off his awesome new drawing my Noxy, I checked out his excessively large collection of motivational posters. One of them caught my eye. Well okay, several did, but this one was something to write about: Gnomish Hunters.

It's a fact that gnomes have very few classes. And no healers. Their lack of faith is their own problem. So no paladins or priests. And I'm pretty sure the Gnomer incident took them off the Nice List for nature, so no druids or shamans. So what else can they get? No healers, but hunters at least.

But let's face it, gnomes aren't very hunter-like. It just doesn't make sense. But what can they do? They can talk to machines. So why not have gnomes be a special type of hunter which tames mechanicals? This could be all sorts of awesome.

And just to top it off, their 41 point Machine Mastery talent would allow them to tame exotic machines. And by exotic I mean machines that do not belong in player hands, such as Fel Reavers.


jeffo said...

The mental image of a gnome with his pet Fel Reaver is priceless. Make it happen, Blizz!

Anea said...

I am torn between agreeing with you and running in fear from the gnome hunter with his Fel Reaver...

Hana said...

I love Palehoof's motivational pictures. They remind me of why it's fun to be an engineer (and why I miss the teleporters that set me on fire and turned me into weird things).

It used to be possible to MC the Fel Reaver with one of the low level engy gadgets, but needless to say... that's since been nerfed. There may have been a few gnome "hunters" for a while though!

Klepsacovic said...

@jeffo: I must ask, is it a gnome-size fel reaver or a full-size?

@Anea: He just wants to say hello!

@Hana: I once died because I went afk during a goblin transport to Everlook. What other profession can sometimes kill you?

B_Dragon said...

No. Absolutely not. I mean, yes you can have your Gnomish Hunter thingie... but no Fel Reaver!

Do you know how many times those demons had to scrape my poor Pally's remains from his soles? Please, think of the Fel Reaver cleaners.

- Aenur of Hydraxis

jeffo said...

It has to be full-sized. A 'baby' Fel Reaver just doesn't cut it.

Klepsacovic said...

@B-Dragon: The gnomes could add auto-paladin-extraction technology to their feet to make them self-cleaning.

@jeffo: Very well. Now it won't fit through many doors. The gnomes will finally share the pain of the tauren!

Scott said...

I think gnomes should have hunters and shaman. Maybe even druids.

The way I see it, gnomes have been essentially living in the park since the destruction of Gnomeregon several years ago, and should be much more in touch with nature.

Thus hunters, shaman, and possibly druids.

Anonymous said...
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