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| Tuesday, January 19, 2010
What? Oh sorry, I'm trying to make an Atiesh.

My favorite gnome was taunted by the presence of a legendary and I thought I'd try to help. Alas, there don't seem to be any more splinters dropping, so I'm forced to improvise. Oh sure, she said she's happy to see her guild get a pretty hammer, but we all know there's a loot whore in all of us.

Hold this would you?

Legendaries are strange things, aren't they? They take a guild to make. At least if you make them when they're supposed to be made and not four years late like someone who shall remain unnamed. So a guild makes it and then a person gets it. That's quite a bit to put on one person.

It's not just a reward. It's also a burden. Such a big investment by the guild carries some obligations. Some would disagree, but those people are sociopaths, so fuck their opinions. The player owes something to the guild. But what?

Certainly they shouldn't quit the next day or switch guilds or that sort of thing. And they should remain active and help out. But are they a slave to the guild, shackled to it forever? That's unreasonable.

And what about their role? Sure, the mage gets Atiesh and will use it for a long time and the rogue gets warglaives and stays swords. But what about the healing priest with a hammer who wants to melt faces? Or the paladin with a shadowmourne who really wants to get hit in the face repeatedly for hours on end. Does the legendary tie their spec too, and for how long? Perhaps until it is no longer the greatest thing imaginable. But that could be a very long time; they are legendaries after all.

Don't even think about switching mains...

Perhaps legendaries are an ideal candidate for being guild-bound. But for the person who is given main use of the weapon, it still ties them. Leave the guild and the weapon is out of reach. While the guild played a role, I doubt the individual player just sat around waiting for the guild bank to dole out expensive mats. They invested in it as well, but they don't own any of the weapon.

Divorce is messy, isn't it?

Can I borrow a hand here? Yep, hold that. Okay now I can twist that around there and loop and tighten that and


So um, how about a legendary wand and held in offhand?


LarĂ­sa said...

Actually it isn't a bad idea to make a legendary guild bound. At least I think guilds that manage to complete such a venture deserve some sort of acknowledgement. Maybe we'll get that in the guild levelling thing they've promised us for cataclysm?

G-Rebel said...

Agreed, if it takes guild to make a legendary item it probably should remain guild-bound.

Maybe if they are made by a guild the weapon's power can be shared by the guild, perhaps in the form of a raid-wide buff among guild members only (just in case you need to pug somebody, they don't get buff). So now all can share in the power.

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: Guild achievements! I can see it now...
/2 NewGuild LF raiders, must link legendary achievement

@G-Rebel: The mere existence of the item could give the buff, regardless of the group. Stacking. Imagine a day when guilds spend their free time farming old raids of all levels just to get another Warglaives buff.

Wow, that's dystopian.

Ngita said...

Legendaries cause drama. Our 2nd mace from mc quit the game within4 weeks of receiving it becaue he had no more goals, our first and second thunderfury where both activily recruited to better guiilds. The priest that received shards from naxx changed mains to Shaman for tbc.

Both rogues that got glaives quit before 3.0. Most recently our priest that got the makings for the mace from Uldaar had 95% attendance for 3 years, but got very stressed when we spent 3 weeks trying(and failing) to kill yogg 3 so she could complete it. She paid another guild to take her to complete it then gquit a week later.

Klepsacovic said...

@Ngita: If the guild got the legendary instead, would it quit the player? Maybe in Soviet Azeroth.

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