Clarifying terrible writing

| Sunday, January 10, 2010
This morning I woke up and logged in to not one, but two jormungar. I mean misinterpretations because of my writing. The first was over at Righteous Orbs in response to my post about pie. Short version: it sounded like I was saying crafters are greedy assholes who ruin the economy, and I didn't mean that. Then Iapetes informs me that he wasn't trying to create hunter (pet) tanks, but instead that they should be utility.

So I'll take a second shot at this.

Crafting Arrogance

Crafting, mat farming, and even some AH manipulation are essential. I don't mean the person who buys out a market and reposts. He can go fuck himself. That sort of activity adds zero value. But the person who buys the cheap stuff one day to resell it for more later; they're helping to stabilize prices and make supply fit the demand better. Crafters should be pretty obvious: gems, glyphs, pots, flasks, enchants; we'd be in pretty bad shape without those. So they also add value. Mat farming is needed for the crafters to have anything to work with. So again, they add value, almost in its purest form, by being the inputs to the economy.

What I meant is that all of these decrease the gold supply, so when people say "I make X amount of gold a day", that's not true. They move, take, receive, earn, that much gold per day. They create none. This wasn't meant to be interpreted as a bad thing. It's inevitable that gold is destroyed and it must be. But on the same note, it's stupid to act as if crafting is the solution to all gold troubles. It was the arrogance that I was trying to target, not the crafting itself. As I said over on Righteous Orbs, I'm a crafter myself.

Hunter Tanks
Iapetes was trying to push the idea of ret/arms tanks and somehow hunters got mixed in with that. He did not mean that hunters would be heroic-quality tank, but that they would have extra utility. It was my suggestion that BM hunters become capable enough to tank heroics.

Sorry if anyone was confused or misled by this recent bad writing. In the future I'll try a bit harder on it. I have to admit that the Pie post was supposed to be about tanking and the first part was more of a short few sentences that somehow got way too long.


Iapetes said...

I told him it wasnt a big deal but whatever.

I just thought the idea of a preset taunt you put on someone with your hunter pet if they were likely to pull aggro was a cool utility for hunter pets that gets that 'tanky feel' without making hunters a hybrid class.

Klepsacovic said...

Your face isn't a big deal.

Chastity said...

I wonder if we're not hitting a language issue here (is English your second language, if not I apologise - I work in an international school) "make" in terms of money is a synonym of "earn" in English. When somebody says "I made ten pounds on the lottery" they don't mean that they created the money from nowhere.

Klepsacovic said...

English is my primary language, but I sometimes use words oddly. It's true that in common language we use "making money" to mean earning or receiving and it's not too confusing because almost no one actually makes/creates money; a few central banks or governments, so there's no ambiguity in everyday conversation. However in the context of WoW, this makes less sense because someone actually can make gold in the sense of bringing into the player economy gold which previously way not there.

So crafters and farmers earn gold, but they do not make gold.

Tam said...

Chas, that's called STYLE you pedantic bastard.

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