Poll about Scarlet Monastery

| Tuesday, January 19, 2010
I'm trying to decipher Scarlet Monastery, so I wrote a post about it. Then I realized that I was lacking actual evidence for my assertions. So the post has been put on hold and instead there's a poll in the upper-right. I realize that like-dislike is too extreme, but I don't know how to ask two questions at the same time and have the results linked without just combining the polls. It would have been better to have a scale of one to five or something else with more options, but every option goes in three times and then the poll has 15 questions and it starts to get ridiculous.

Please vote. Please don't overthink your vote, I'm just looking for first reactions. Also please don't vote after having run SM 50 times to get a rare spawn to drop a chest for your twink, because that's going to bias the results a bit.


Anea said...

I started playing in Vanilla and I like Scarlet Monastery.

I also haven't run it with LFG yet either - that seems to kill it for everyone I've talked to, even if they liked it pre-LFG.

Klepsacovic said...

@Anea: LFG ruins it? That's surprising to me. I'd think it would be a huge improvement for Alliance (no more ridiculous travel time) and at worst a slight loss of context for Horde.

Which faction are you saying this from, or both sides?

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