Even more Blood Knights

| Friday, January 15, 2010
By Blood Knights I mean classes which are functionally identical (let's pretend SoB didn't happen) but have radically different lore. So Blood Knights are Blood Elf paladins. The rest of this will contain some speculation or outdated information about Cataclysm, I apologize if I make any mistakes and would appreciate any corrections. I won't delete your comments pointing out my mistakes.

Gnome hunters would play pretty much the same, but use mechanicals instead of beasts and have a much different story to them.

The upcoming Tauren paladins, as I understand the lore, are not paladins in the same vein as Uther, but are instead Druids of the Sun. Again, same mechanics, different lore.

Dwarf mages also have different lore, most likely being castaways from the Dark Iron clan. Dwarf shamans would be similar, but from the Wildhammer. Until now we've only seen Bronzebeard clan dwarves, so this is a pretty significant shift.

Similarly, it appears that Night Elf mages are returning Highborn.

There may be others which I've forgotten. I like this trend of expanding class options without simply saying "you now have X class" and rejectonh all the lore which goes against them having said class. Instead the new class options expand the story and add to the world.


Anonymous said...

I think undead hunters are going to be dark rangers. There are now a few dark ranger NPCs wandering around the Undercity.

G-Rebel said...

The great overlord of the Tauren was a radical and viscious beast who drove around in a bus helping innocent people defeat their nemesis all the while avoiding the obressive military that wanted to cast him into a cell and throw away the key. In ancient days he was known as Monsieur Tauren, but in today's speech is simply...Mr. T.

He then became a night elf.

Despite any deviations, it is good to see that Blizz has not completely abandoned lore.


OK, new challenge: create a backstory for every race that would allow them, at the very least gameplay-wise, to roll up any class. Druid, Shaman or Paladin are preferred.

Winner gets the satisfaction of being better at lore-building than Blizzard is.

Chris said...

I expect Troll Druids to be more like Moorabi or the ZG High priests than Cenarion Circlers.

I'm kinda surprised that trolls have shadow priests but not warlocks though...

Klepsacovic said...

@Spinks: How did I manage to forget them? You're right.

@G-Rebel: dot dot dot

Dire Human: Challenge accepted. It will be ready sometime next week.

@Chris: I don't recall the trolls ever being big on demons. Aside from the Edge of Madness, I don't know of any troll-demon links.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea that they're already prepping the groundwork for the lore on these new class/race combinations. The Dark Rangers in UC, Aponi Brightmane in Thunder Bluff, the sickly wolves in Elwynn.

It's worthy of comment that the first Tauren paladin is female.. =)

Dwism said...

Regarding the nelf mages: doesn't that mean that you will need them to have the looks of highelfs and not that of night elves?

Klepsacovic said...

@Bri: Oh really? That's neat.

@Dw-redux: I'm not sure if the Highborn who stayed in Kalimdor would have changed skin color like the ones who left. I think that was due to difference of habit, flipping their clocks, which I think the Highborn in Kalimdor retained.

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