Self-Righteous Sunday: "It's just heroic"

| Sunday, January 17, 2010
The scene is heroic ToC. The 5-man. You know, the one that some people thought would be the "hard instance", the Magister's Terrace of WotLK. Not so hard really, but nice drops.

First boss dies, Edge of Ruin drops. The fury warrior with a pair of the craft BS blues rolls need. The arms warrior who already has it also rolls need. WTF?

Apparently he's going fury.

This annoyed me. I'm the sort that will sometimes pass on something if it's a much bigger upgrade for someone else. Why? Because I think that's a small part of being a good person, looking out for others even at no personal gain, or even loss. But there's no rule about this.

I would say main spec over off spec is a rule though. Unfortunately it's not a universal rule, more of a 99% rule and people can beforehand agree to exceptions. But nevertheless, the warrior broke this. I might have kicked him, but the holy paladin beat him to it.

No, she didn't kick him. I was group leader (this story is old). Instead, she beat him to being kicked. How? By being an elitist douchebag. Are heroics srs bns? No. Yes. Depends. When you're fresh to 80 and using blue weapons, heroics are srs bns. To disregard the warrior's concern was pure disregard for the thoughts of another person; elitism at its finest. "It doesn't matter because it's a heroic. If you care you're a noob," is the implication.


Tam said...

Grrr - yes, that was unbelievably and rather pointlessly selfish. I know it's not a hard and fast but all the civilised folks I know play by "main spec before off spec."

If it's any consolation I picked up a new weapon from one of the new 5-mans, asked if it was okay if I needed it, whereupon someone else asked if they could need for "off-spec" and I said, "um...well...healing is my main spec" and they responded instantly that they wouldn't roll.

I was super-impressed given the general awfulness of pugs!

Klepsacovic said...

Ooh, I forgot the best part! The warrior that won it was arms and already had it. He was switching to fury so he wanted a second one.

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