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| Sunday, January 3, 2010
My favorite social is at it again. Oh yes, the Greedy Goblin has figured out a new scheme: convince people think he has a great new post format by making them do all the work. I have to hand it to him, this actually isn't an incredibly stupid idea.

Step one: Write the introduction post
Step two: Do nothing. This is the best step of all for a lazy social who expects others to do his work for him.
Step three: Copy-paste screenshots
Step four: Add stupid commentary, or maybe just copy-paste the submission email text.
Step five: See your viewers go up as people rush to see if their particular screenshot was stolen. Er, honored.

Oh he has a great scheme going. Tell people who are too stupid and lazy to understand others that they are in fact brilliant and hardworking and that the others are the stupid and lazy ones, and then get a whole army of stupid and lazy people eager to say how much they agree with your brilliance. Oh he's such a little Ayn Rand. Someday I also hope to be a terrible writer who is famous for making sociopaths feel better about themselves.

P.S. I am not actually accepting submissions for you to write my posts for me. Even if I put your name as the writer, who gets the traffic and attention? Not you! Maybe a little bit. But let's face it, being able to put "written by Larisa or Tamarind" in a title would benefit me a lot more than it would them. If you really do want to send me free posts so I can publish them and people can get confused and think I suddenly got way better at writing, go right ahead, but don't blame me. Blame Syrana. Except do it a month ago.

P.P.S. I was going to stop posting on Sundays.


Leah said...

Sounds like Tom Sawyer scheme :)

Sven said...

Perhaps not so bad an idea as it seems. There are plenty of people who have the odd good idea, but not enough to fill a blog. If you could harness their combined forces, you've got quite an interesting set of content.

Syrana said...

Oh man, I was close to such a genius plan when I was giving away topic ideas....



Dwism said...

What can I say? He is my favorite social too!

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