| Sunday, January 24, 2010
Trial of the GhostCrawler

This is the most challenging raid yet. It is a single, PvP-style fight and requires one of every class. It only has a 10-man version because the 25-man version won't be available for another 15 expansions, not including Cataclysm.

The rewards are unmatched: A full 290 level set of gear. But no trinkets. You'll have to keep running the same places over and over for months, until finally you cave in and buy a crappier badge version, only to have it drop the next day after your refund timer has run out.

When the raid starts, every player in the raid is separated. They then must fight their way through wave after wave of elitists in order to get to the center where they meet up. In the center there is a chest filed with tokens for the mentioned gear, along with no trinkets. The tokens are all white-quality, so similar to the secret bank vault in Blackrock Depths, the loot goes to whoever opens it first with auto-loot on. However there is a twist: the person to get it first will not always be the melee hunter.

Upon opening the box, the player will receive the previously mentioned Tokens of the Awesome Set. And no trinkets. After looting, their class will then be nerfed into the ground, requiring other classes to use summons, portals, deathgrip, and knockkback effects to even move around the world.

If the player complete the fight within ten minutes of starting it, they also receive a ring with attack power and expertise.


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