Your biggest fail

| Friday, October 23, 2009
My my biggest fail is hard to pick, but I still remember a certain arena match. One person was low and I planned to BoP him to buy time. The other team also had someone low, within execute range. We were going to have a good shot at winning. Then I accidentally put BoP on the warrior, so he couldn't attack, which gave time for his target to get healed up. Meanwhile my other teammate died. One misclick lost the match.

What is your biggest fail?


Jarik said...

Letting you on that arena team.

Leah said...

my biggest most recent (I fail a lot O_O ) fail was probably alt tabbing before heroic Anub to read the strat I found in drown becasue I didn't come out of the water before alt tabbing. worst part? I'm a shaman. with glyphed water breathing


Stabs said...

In my vanilla WoW raiding guild I was an officer.

I saw another raid guild asking for the services of a Thorium Brotherhood - repped armoursmith and willing to pay a lot of gold.

Since at the time grinding TB rep was a guild effort we had one of the only two exalted TB armorsmiths on the server.

I posted about this offer on our officer forums. I so wish I hadn't.

Our Main Tank/Armoursmith replied saying basically "thanks for the heads up, this should help with the old repair costs".

Then our resident drama whore deputy guild leader tore into him saying "you ARE going to give that money to the guild right? You F-ing greedy douchebag"

Within 2 days we had no main tank, no TB exalted anything and no gold from this other guilds. We also couldn't raid the content we were on (Brood Lord)and had to drop back (Razorgore).

I don't think it was my fault exactly but I really really wish I'd kept my mouth shut. Or quit a month earlier when our drama whore got prio on Bendediction quite contrary to our loot system.

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