Hybrid for a minute

| Monday, October 12, 2009
Last night on Yogg-Saron we were having trouble. We're still learning the fight and people are making mistakes. Things don't go as cleanly as they should.

So we're in phase one and the tanks end up overwhelmed with mobs. They weren't dragging the low one. Sounds like a job for... Ret Paladin! I put my plate to use (shame it's not all plate), taunted the loose add (it was the low one) and dragged it to Sara. Boom next to her.

I nearly died in the process. But I didn't! It worked. For about 10 seconds I was a hybrid. I was a paladin who specializes in damage rather than a damage-dealer who happens to be called a paladin.

I wish this happened more often, but without the wipe afterward (which was not caused by my actions; if anything I slightly delayed it by not having another one exploding in the raid).

After that I felt totally awesome. Then I pressed release spirit and spacebar to get my ghost gryphon in the air towards Ulduar.

In inscription news, it's tricky finding profits anywhere. I have found some bits of gold, but there's rampant dumping. I suspect it's a combination of herbalist-scribes who think mats are free if they farm them (so they don't charge anything comparable to the herb cost) and goblin wannabes (ho think they can somehow drive away the first group by losing all their gold too.

I just sit back and grab the occasional ridiculously low-priced glyph to resell when they all get bored/poor and leave. The consistent sellers are the discovered glyphs which so far are being undercut less, spammed less, and most importantly: are desirable enough to actually be bought.

I'm experimenting with not feeding my scribe any mats, so he has to work off only what he can buy and sell. So far he's scraping by as I learn more. It's a fun experience.

People are buying runed cardinal rubies again, but for much less than earlier. Still, profit is profit.

A stable server economy would be so boring.


G-Rebel said...

I enjoy hybrid classes, like my Shaman. Even when the recount stats are posted and I'm not on top, I know that it's because I saw that the healer(s) were under attack from adds and the tank needed heals, and true to Enhancement Shamans everywhere I step back and heal the tank then get back to bashing heads.

Nobody knows what I did, they think the healers are totally awesome. That's ok, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing I did a good. Then loot drops and the mage rolls 99 need on Hunter/Shaman gear to DE and I get shafted. So much for my good deed.

Klepsacovic said...

They're right when they think the healers are awesome, they just don't realize there are more healers than they thought. :)

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