When Rawr crushes your soul

| Sunday, October 11, 2009
I get it, my wrists and gloves aren't the best. I've just not seen anything better dropping. Still, I wondered what I could do with some badges. If I could find something with hit, that would work since I'm pretty far under the hit cap. If I could ditch those gloves, that would be great. The bracers would be even better, since I'm way over the expertise cap from the combination of new legs and the SoV glyph.

So I pull up the vendors and Rawr and go checking. Damn. I already wear leather boots and a chest, but now it's saying that mail gloves and wrists would be a major DPS upgrade. I don't mean 20 DPS, I mean 50 DPS for for wrists and 70 for gloves. I hate to go under plate, but mail's not too awful, and that's a lot of DPS to lose just for my pride.

Tonight is ToC, I wonder if I'll replace them in 9 hours. Hopefully! Maybe it would make sense to wait until after the raid to buy, but I didn't feel like dragging down the raid just to save a handful of old badges. I still feel a bit awkward with ret DPS, I don't need to make it worse with sub-par gear. Besides, I've only seen one of these supposed plate DPS upgrades that Rawr claims are in ToC. Those were gloves off Anub'arak which went to a DK. That's not a complaint, there's no way I should have gotten them.

It's times like this that make me look forward to the elimination of AP on armor. I wonder how Blizzard will balance the plate DPS when they find out the DPS gain we'd been getting from using other armor for better stats.

Why is it that only after I've enchanted my gloves I realize that the pyro rocket is supposedly the highest DPS 'enchant'? I'll have to fix that before the raid.


Ngita said...

Raiding has taught me that the best way to ensure a upgrade will drop is gem and enchant that item just before the raid.Woot I finally replaced my 226 with a 232, Gem,enchant and 2 hours later I loot a 245.

But prot is by far the worst to gear up for, I pick up offset Protection T9 gloves from voa25 a very nice upgrade. but by the time I finally got defence,expertise and hit correct again I had replaced 5 slots, 2 gems and re-enchanted my chest.

Klepsacovic said...

You're exactly right. My BiS bracers dropped tonight. Unfortunately, well long story short, I was temporarily retarded and someone else got them.

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