Abyssal Shatter: effects on JC/mining?

| Friday, October 2, 2009
You know all those abyssal shards that have been clogging your guild bank? And the dust shortage? You can't get any enchants at all now that greens no longer drop anywhere ever, so there's nothing to DE. Okay that's enough sarcasm.

As titanium prices have shot up, there's a lot of incentive to mine. The result is a flood of eternal shadow and earth. It's much more than is needed for normal crafting, so the prices are very low. Fortunately there's been a sink for these: make low Northrend rings and DE them.

But if shards can be dusted, will that drop dust prices enough to make JC->DE no longer worth it? If so, what do we do with all these extra eternals? Perhaps as more patterns are found in ToC there will be a new source of demand. At the least the wave of undercutting seems to have stopped.

I'm not going to claim that this mining poor. Hardly. Eternals are only so cheap because they're a byproduct of titanium being so expensive. And of course jewelcrafting will get quite a share of the profits as the gems flow through their bags and profession windows. Still, the addition of another source of dust may lower prices even further.

Though looking at abyssal prices, they seem too high to be worth dusting, so maybe this will have no effect at all.

Yay for aimless speculation.


Stabs said...

Marcko at Just my two copper usually has his finger on the pulse of such things.


Anonymous said...

We just did a piece on the expected market reaction to this new ability. We're predicting Abyss Crystals to rise, while the shatter result materials fall initially. Over the long term, all three items will begin to normalize in price. You can check out the full details here if interested: http://wowenomics.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/abyssal-shatter/

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