Goblin ERP

| Saturday, October 3, 2009
Warning: Not safe for ascetics; contains lurid descriptions of wealth.

She was not a child, certainly of age, but still so young. It could be hard to guess her age, since she had so much and displayed it so prominently. The beautiful sight would make anyone interested, but especially a goblin, for she was the sort who would fill her brassiere with gold coins to fill it out. Even through thick clothes (which she never wore), the bounty was obvious.

And he was the lucky goblin.

He stood back a bit to watch, not wanting to get in her way. Slowly, she undid her shirt and pulled it off. He could see the slight bumps in her bra and he knew it would be good. She unclasped it and let it fall to the floor. It was followed down by much more. With his experienced eye he could tell everything from sight: the bounce and weight were just right. They were absolutely real and so much for so young.

His eyes fell to the nearly perfect mounds which seemed to radiate perfection. No longer could he resist. He buried his face in them, rubbing and touching and exalting in the purity of the feeling. Was this heaven? Almost certainly.

"Hey!" she yelled, "My eyes are up here."

Oh no.

He had misread her cues. But how? She had presented it so willingly. So openly. How could she have not expected this? He could not meet her eyes. What went wrong?

He ran from the room, whispering to himself: "That whore, that show-off, that... that sub-prime loan!" She heard the last one and began to scream.

As he got out of range of the noise his mind began to wander back, not to the confusion, but to the sensation. He had touched her gold. Piles of pure gold. She couldn't take that back no matter how much she yelled. How many other goblins could claim to have stolen more than a glance at such obscene personal wealth? And it was all his for a moment. A few more, for he'd palmed a few.

Time to head to the next bar and search for more easily profitable girls.


Stabs said...

The best things in life are free... and it's especially best if it's someone else's gold that is free!

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