The Insane

| Monday, October 26, 2009
After much making of spreadsheets and trying numbers, I decided that 10,000 kills outside Ratchet didn't sound like much fun. Nor did 1500 kills outside Gadgetzan. So I did what anyone else would do: stopped.

Okay I lied. I instead started running Dire Maul. Each key drop means 250 rep for all goblin cities. Each tannin can make a suit which is 75 rep each. Unfortunately I'm short on leather. Rune thread comes from a vendor and I get more than enough cloth for my tailor to make bolts. I can get around 6 leather per run from looting the supplies he leaves behind, which will add up to quite a bit.

By my current estimate, I need to free Knot about 60 more times along with making ogre suits as I get the tannin. That is a minimum of one per run, but I can get up to three if I'm lucky.

I have the terrible suspicion that this is the easy part. I don't know where to even start with the elf rep and darkmoon. My rogue will have to empty her bags to get ready for mass-pickpocketing. I might respec for the higher movement speed and shorter stealth cooldown just so I can efficiently steal-kill, steal-kill.


Green Armadillo said...

You might need to plan on doing some more killing while you're in Dire Maul. If memory serves, the only way to get rep with the elves is to turn in librams and/or class trinket books. The title is "The Insane" for a reason. :P

MLW said...

All I can say is save your Pristine Black Diamonds. They cost about 200g each on my server, and you're going to need about 80 of them.

Klepsacovic said...

@Green Armadillo: Yep, that's part of why I'm running DM instead of mob-grinding.

@Jormundgard: I got one yesterday, couldn't remember what they were for beside paladin mount quests.

Koch (Aszune) said...

Is it too late to throw in a comment?

The best spot for Ravenholt faction is probably by killing your way merrily through the Syndicate in the keep until you gain faction no more. I took my rogue to LBRS afterwards - pick pockets until full, then mailbox them away and reset the instance.

I assume picking pockets in Dire Maul for extra librams and killing also works - but it bogs down the whole run so immensely.

And a note: I gave up on the insane. Got my goblins to exalted for "The Exalted" and then never bothered with Shendralar. It's not even the librams that did my head in.. it's the darkmoon faire. I cannot afford enough card decks to get them up high enough, I fear.

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