I bet other people don't have this problem

| Thursday, October 15, 2009
I managed to win head of Onyxia in 10-man with a roll of 88. Awesome, right? Sure, for a normal person. They'd look at the rewards and evaluate them.

Ring: Good for caster. Or not. I have no clue about caster stats. I'd not use it because I'm 99% not holy.
Neck: Clear upgrade, about 50 DPS higher, which is about midway between my current and BiS. Any sensible person would get the neck.
Trinket: I don't need defense, parry is expensive for the benefit, and health/5 is crap.

But that's the thing, the trinket has such weird stats that it becomes appealing. It's like a car crash. You just can't look away. You should keep driving, but you also want to watch it and then watch in the mirror and really you'd rather pull over and take a closer look.

What to do...

Useful or ugly? Useful or ugly? Function or form?

The goblin in me says to take the neck. The idiot in me says to see what happens in this week's ToC and if I win the neck (or the second place one) then I'll get the trinket. If not, well damn, I'm not sure what I'd do. The other voice says the other voices are after me. Then there's this whisper: "It's a game, not a bridge, don't worry so much." The last one worries the most because I was never in structural engineering.

Tuesday seems to be the say to sell gems. Wednesday, not so much. I should start getting resilience cuts, I imagine those would do well on Tuesdays when all the arena people get their new shinies.


Unknown said...

No! Get the trinket!
I have it and I'm a bear o.0

Something just tells me I should. If you really need a neck the badge one is solid.

Kromus said...

Well - patience is a virtue.

Wait at least one more week tbh I say and see if you get that other thing, and maybe it'll become clearer when you're there in the situation :D

Dorgol said...

When I win the Head, I'll be getting the trinket. It will make future gear desicions VERY easy if I can just slap on a big chunk of Defense through one item.

It will also allow me to change my gems around, increasing my health by a big chunk.

Dwism said...

Will you ever get a trinket that does this, but better?
Will you get a neck that does whatever you want a neck to do, only better?

I think your choice is clear!

Klepsacovic said...

@Michael: My current neck is better than the badge one. I guess you're a Parry-Bear. :P

@Kromus: That's my plan. I also will wait on buying PvP gear for after VoA.

@Dorgol: I have a better defense trinket if I need that.

@Dw-redux: Aha! You bring me back to my belief in the temporary nature of gear and how we should instead pursue that which will remain. The neck will go to the side eventually; I can get better DPS and I already have better FR. The trinket, the closest I have is something which does the same thing, but worse.

Unknown said...

I heard bears can be disarmed in the next patch too ;)

It's more a matter of having a FR trinket should I ever possibly need it. I know I seriously considered using the lvl 60 version for sarth 3d back in 3.0

Unknown said...

I'm at the point on my Paladin that I'm trying to shed some avoidance for Stamina and I still dig the trinket.

It's in no way optimized but it's still a ton of passive avoidance and is *quite* nifty.

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