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| Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Today I ran into a helpful person.

He insulted my intelligence/ability to play and created excessive complication in addition to failing to listen to directions.

I say I'll do kings. I see there's a holy paladin, so I tell him wisdom. The third paladin gets might.

The holy says in raid that he has imp might and wisdom. So what? He's already assigned to wisdom and the ret has imp might.

The ret paladin decides to be helpful and says he'll do kings. I tell him not to overcomplicate shit: in other words, I have it set up, don't fuck it up by trying to be creative. He protests that the other paladin has imp might and he'l help me with kings if I miss anyone.

Help me. To buff 10 people. With one blessing. What the fuck? I'm sorry, did I start this raid by emoting that I was drooling on my keyboard and had a Lego stuck in my nose?

On top of that, why the fuck is he 'helping' me when his 'helpfulness' is just causing the other paladin to have to do more blessing and of two types? How the fuck is this helping? It makes my job exactly no amount easier and makes the other paladin's job harder. He sarcastically said something sarcastic about me being the raid leader. I wasn't, I was just the person getting the blessings organized, also known as typing three straightforward sentences to make everyone's life easier).

Apparently he pulled 1.8k on the fire guy. His defense? He was using seal of command and he had to move a lot. I asked why he was intentionally using an inferior seal (this isn't an AoE fight). He couldn't even give an understandable response like "I didn't notice." It was "I don't know." What the fuck? Also, what movement is there on that fight that would at all impair melee DPS? You pretty much stand in one place except for when you move five feet to get out of a fire. You can face the boss 100% of the time and do DPS 100% of the time. There are no lightning novas, add switches, or -hit clouds to stay out of. You stand there and sometimes move to the side.

Upon inspecting him his gear was a little bit low, but not the wrong stats. He wasn't stacking SP or anything like that, it just wasn't high quality and he was missing some enchants and gems. He had divine intellect for some reason, taking that over imp SoV or PoJ or pretty much any other talent which would have been more useful in PvE or PvP.

I must admit, I did not help my noob today. He did not seem to want to be helped but instead preferred to leech gear off competent people. I don't mind that his gear was low. We could have survived without him. I do mind that he was a fucking idiot and the int talent wasn't helping.

Shit. Did I just write a whole post insulting some random noob I ran into? God, I'm turning into a sociopathic douchebag now. Combine that with the economy posts and I might as well start offering to ghostwrite for Gevlon.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a difference between noobs and, well, lazy idiots. Also, it's your blog, let off steam :) Seriously can't imagine why any paladin with sanity intact would ever want to complicate the blessing-cycle further, it's bad even sorting out kings, and might and wisdom, even if everybody just says "yeah, i'll do that" because there always seems to be a mage at the back who ends up up with might. It's a rule or something.

Dwism said...

I think it sounded like a good plan (you need to think economics), you would hardly be using any consumables when buffing!! Thats like, 5 gold saved right there!!

But like Tam said, its okay to let of steam once in a while (or in my case most of the time when blogging)

Klepsacovic said...

@Tamarind: Now that you mention it, one of the rogue's didn't get might and was yelling about it. I considered assigning him wisdom but that might have been asking a bit much.

@Dw-redux: With groups that small I tend to just use 10 minute anyway.

I try to avoid ranting because I'm not much of a fan of ranting angry posts. I'd hate to look at my blog and think "Who would want to read that?"

G-Rebel said...

Do you regret your decision to get back into raiding? Maybe this was a reason you took a break.

Just let it out, breath, relax, everything will be ok.

Klepsacovic said...

I'm actually quite glad to be back raiding. ToC is really fun, Ony is pretty fun, and late Ulduar isn't all that bad. I don't blame raiding, I blame someone being an idiot.

Kromus said...

Two things annoy me in this world.

The main one is incompetance. If somebody is compleately useless, but is willing to learn- I'll help them.

If you're willing to learn your not a idiot.

However, if your idiocy forces you to be arrogant enough to not want to learn, or try on your own...

then some harsh words between you and I shall be spread.


reminds me of my raid leading days, when we're waiting 5 mins for a tank, so I'll say "can you google the tactis for moroes, im going to go through it but sometimes reading it yourself then hearing it out again can help".

"Whats the point, you can just tell us all?".

..."I just said it will help me alot- you're doing nothing anyway"

But yeah, you have reason to rant, I try not to aswell but. Sometimes it just can't be helped.

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