Damn you, new template

| Saturday, October 24, 2009
It appears that when I switched to a new template, it wiped out the tracking code for Google Analytics. Oops. I finally thought to actually check for it after a few too many days of assuming that Google was having some sort of problems. I suppose the fact that my other blog had no problems at all should have been some tip-off. This might be premature, since I don't actually know yet if it's working. I'm going off my inability to find the code and the stunning coincidence that I stopped getting data the same day I switched templates.

Why am I still up? Damn you, Jabba and your weird food demands that make me fly all over the desert. On that note, I'll be writing a review of sorts of Star Wars Galaxies, with the disclaimer that I'm still only level 22 and I think it goes up to 90. When possible I'll try to focus on stuff that isn't directly related to the actual content (since we all know how much that can change just by hitting the cap).


Kromus said...

Rofl mate.

I did the exact same thing three days ago. At first I just thought nobody liked my Blog, it said "0 visitors" but then I thought.

Somebody said they liked my newest comic so they must of gone on, then I realise swapping template kills the code so I had to reinstall it lmao.

<3 mistakes

Stabs said...

It does go up to 90.

Try to find a guild. It will be very lonely levelling up without one.

I would also suggest making a second character as a crafter. The game has a famously good crafting system.

If you want to power a crafter up then go Architect but what might suit you better is making a Domestic Trader. Just churn out some pet food for the bazaar and some buff food for your main. You can leave him with his small harvesters slowly filling up most of the week then craft with him once a week to support your main guy with cash and buff food.

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