Don't Panic.

| Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Just think of where you left your towel.

I'm going to be mass-editing posts to add/remove/change the tags since currently they are nearly useless. So if you suddenly cannot find the one post tagged "3.0" I'm sorry. Try "Wrath of the Lich King" instead. In the meantime, try to make due without what must have been a very important post.

Someday I hope to ave such useful tags that I can add one of those cloud widgets. Those look cool.

[edit] Oh, and you might see some really awful posts put up randomly here and there if for some reason you're digging through the archive. That's because I was trying to just work on published posts, but sometimes I'd hit drafts instead, so instead of the publish button applying changes, it instead posts the wrong thing. The result is something that I didn't see fit to post with a very old post date. I suppose the good news is that no one is likely to notice them so my reputation for flawless and inspiring writing will not be tarnished.


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