Molten Core 2.0

| Monday, October 19, 2009
This will be the Week of Fail.

Today I will talk about Molten Core. Tomorrow will be crafting wrong. Wednesday I will cover melee hunters and their type (different from today's hunter rambling). I don't know what I'll do the next couple days, which I guess fits with the theme.

This is a story of many failures. Let us begin, we have a lot of material to cover.

There my hunter was in Outland, shooting demons. Suddenly everything stopped working. I'd run out of ammo. Melee time! And so it was that I stabbed down a little demon and hit 60. It seemed appropriate.

It was time for an exotic pet. I pulled up wowhead and searched for choices. Chimera: No. Devilsaur! The last time I run into one, I killed it and used it to make crappy gloves. The time before that, I shot it with a failure of a tranquilizer dart and nearly died. No. Silithid! And so it was that I flew to Silithus and tamed a new pet.

It eats corpses, shoots acid webs, and never stops twitching.

My priest has Benediction/Anathema. Why? Because she's a priest. No proper priest doesn't have it.

In the same line of reasoning, my hunter needs the leaf. I start a MC raid and start killing. Then I remember my hunter and we go to summon him. That's when I remember he's not attuned and we have no warlock, so he's not going. Ah, fail, will you ever fail to disappoint?

But let's talk about MC itself. Clearly it has a lot of fail. Too much trash and extremely repetitive trash; core hound packs anyone? Some boss mechanics are cool, but there's a lot of cleanse/decurse spam and more than one fight in which the raid needs non-trivial amounts of FR. The loot system is terrible with excessive reliance of the RNG.

What if Blizzard redid MC? Or let's look at it another way, what if they made MC now?

Trash: More variety. Slower respawns. I don't know if they'd maintain the link to the bosses. Personally I think it's a cool idea.

Water: This would go away.

Bosses: I'll go by each one. Overall I will try to leave the general mechanics in place while reducing the dispel/decurse spam.

Lucifron: I'd leave it mostly as is. The curse would only hit a couple people at a time rather than raid-wide. The magic debuff is reasonable now that we have mass dispel.

Magmadar: No change now that tranq shot is baseline.

Gehennas: Less curse.

Garr: Retain the banishing, but set up the mechanics so that only a couple have to be banished. They would have an aura which increases their damage, requiring them to be divided up and spread out to reduce the overlap. Banish would negate the aura, making it a hand damage reduction. Garr would no longer spam dispel magic.

Baron Geddon: The burn would hit fewer people.

Shazzrah: Reduce his damage for a second after teleport so that DoTs don't cause him to one-shot casters. Less cursing.

Sulfuron: Leave as is.

Golemagg: Leave as is.

Majordomo Executus: Reduce the number of adds to accommodate fewer tanks.

Ragnaros: Obviously it's going to be a fire-heavy fight but I don't want it to turn into a resist fight. Maybe it could be shadowfire, so you'd need to stack two stats to negate it and therefore it becomes impractical.

The attunement would be removed. Instead the elf would give some quests for inside and also have some lore dialogue about what we face and why we want to kill it (think Karazhan). While BRD does explain a lot of the MC lore, if someone skimped a bit there they'd have no understanding of MC. The Hydraxian quests would be changed as well, perhaps by making the NPC teleport people to relevant locations and making use of that airport nearby. I'd add in Brann Bronzebeard to would send us to the Hydraxians along with generally being awesome. Also the gnome from UBRS would make an appearance.

Loot would use concepts. First, updated like Onyxia's. Second, bosses would drop multi-class tokens to be turned in. Each would drop a specific slot as they do currently. There would be no legendaries, but there would be some slightly more powerful epics obtained from long quests, imitating those of TF and adding some lore to HoR.


LifeDeathSoul said...

Uhm... Sorry Sir, but if I'm not wrong I think there is no need for attunement anymore. You however do need the Shadow Vault key, but it is not necessary to be attuned to get into MC nowadays.

Shintar said...

It's not necessary to be attuned to enter, but if you haven't done the attunement quest the elf won't teleport you, so you have to take the long way through BRD, which in many cases DOES come down to "you might as well not come then".

Dorgol said...

I once tried to come up with a selection of "hardmode" Achievements for Molten Core.

Thinks like:

Kill 3 Core Hound packs in 15 seconds.
Kill Garr within XX minutes of killing Magmedar.
Kill Majordomo (not even possible, but you get the idea :)).

Klepsacovic said...

@LifeDeathSoul: People can be summoned in directly, but to take the window or elf they must be attuned. My raid had no warlock.

@Shintar: Yep.

@Dorgol: Kill Garr and Baron Geddon without leaving combat between kills.
Kill Lucifron/Gehennas/Sulfuron before their adds.
Kill Magmadar without removing frenzy.

These are fun.

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