Drama is stupid

| Friday, March 19, 2010
Conflicts happen. It's inevitable. People get into disagreements. They get rude. They get mean. Give it time and it goes away.

Fanning the flames doesn't help. Picking sides doesn't help. Not even if you're on the right side.

Drama is stupid. It can be funny, but it's still stupid.

To take it seriously only gives it legitimacy. To ignore it reveals it for what it is: an immature outburst.

You might have recently decided that I am a terrible jerk. You might be right. But recent evidence should considered from a new perspective: being fake. Not photoshopped or edited or even taken out of context. But fake. Staged.

At the risk of sounding insulting, I can't believe anyone took the feud between Miss Medicina and me seriously. My own first post was so ridiculous that I felt it was obvious. I went out of my way to make myself look bad. I went out of my way to make the accusations so absurd as to not make sense. For her part, Miss Medicina followed my lead with labels like "a fascist name" and "jerky mcjerkface".

I probably didn't fully take into account how existing drama makes people more sensitive to new drama and how drama spawns drama. Too bad for me I guess.

We weren't trying to troll. We were trying to stir up trouble. These are different! With all the stupid drama stuff going on, I thought it would be fun to point out the utter absurdity of drama. The waste of time it is. So I willingly stepped into the bad person role and started coordinating our behavior; which is the first line in the chat log you see. I included plenty of taunting of "I bet you're taking screenshots" sort of stuff, to make sure she had her material to work with.

Someone did blow our cover, but that's what super-delete is for. I normally reserve it for spam posts, but this was urgent! However I hate destruction of evidence, so I copied it first.
Anonymous said...

No sarcasm my behind. Miss Medicina and Klepsacovic masterminded this little episode of drama. I was there, watching. Tsk, shame on the two of you.

Incidentally, you were both great. Couldn't see myself ever be that good at RP (even if RP wasn't how you were thinking of it).

Now let see if this gets published or not, and *I* don't get gkicked. :D

Boris aka Frocke

March 19, 2010 1:13 PM

What I'm trying to get at are three points:
1) Please don't hate me.
2) Please don't encourage drama by hyping it up.
3) Go read Larisa's post on drama. Because she's awesome.


Rades said...

I did think there was no way that "feud" was real, and am glad I decided to wait for the sudden but inevitable reveal that it was all a sham!

It is sad when people's first reactions upon reading about the "incident" are to react with anger or rage instead of sadness, or even just taking a few moments to stop and think about things a little more clearly.

Even if I had never heard of you before this week, I would have thought to myself "Hmm, is the person who came up with Whiny Post Day really such a jerk? Probably not. And Miss Medicina's ALL CAPS COMMENTS are too hilarious to be real."

RatherNotSay said...

SO I have to ask you, what was the point of this?

To make a point that everyone knows?

To attempt to make you both appear as larger than life assholes?

To aggrevate people?

To take a good concept and taint it?

Blogging to get a rise out of people? Kind of reminds me of a gobline you hate.

Pretty classless no matter and reinforces my opinion of things.


Larísa said...

I just remembered that we used to have exactly the same sort of faked fan feuds when I was active in the SF fandom and a fanzine editor. Oh, the days... we would but each others fanzine on embargo and doing all sorts of things... and sometimes - but now always - it was just a hoax. Which mostly was amúsing to the ones involved tbh.

anyway. In the situation we are I think a bit of caustion is wise when you're doing humourus takes on this matter.

hugs and thanks for the link love

Eversor said...

That could totally have been real because my first day in SAN Medicina was chasing me around Goldshire trying to bite my knees, so I know what she's capable of! It was horrifying....horrifying I tell you! Power hungry dorfs!

Eversor said...

PS.- can't believe anybody actually took it seriously?!?!?!Besides everybody knows you're both jerky mcjerkfaces :p

Dwism said...

I just don't think it was well-enough executed. That and the fact that it came on top of some *real* blogging drama, just made it lose its appeal.

Leah said...

awww :( I miss real drama AND fake drama

/sad panda


/shifty eyes

Klepsacovic said...

@Rades: Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt.

@RatherNotSay: If you had a previous opinion which was reinforced, nothing much seems lost.

@Larisa: I'd link your posts each day, if I could figure out their relevance to my random posts.

@Eversor: We are not jerky mcjerkfaces!

@Dwism: I didn't have enough rage for execute.

@Leah: If it's any consolation, I missed the real drama too.

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