Clarifying Whiny Post Day

| Monday, March 15, 2010
March 17th is Whiny Post Day.

Due to a scheduling mishap many years ago, that is also Saint Patrick's Day. At least in the good parts of the United States, that means wear green, get drunk, and eat what might be Irish food, but you're too drunk to know. It's a celebration.

By some strange cosmic flux radiation incident, everyone is temporarily Irish. It makes sense since in bad sci-fi, radiation glows green. Also the Hulk is clearly not angry, just very very drunk.

This wouldn't seem to be a good day for whining. It isn't! In fact it is a good day for not whining.

Which is why we have whiny blog posts.

Rather than getting drunk and airing all your greivances, and likely confusing people at the bar, "Let me tell you, itsh a crime how they let these casuals have my gear and they nerfed everything!" Instead you can get that all out of the way ahead of time. Write it the day before and schedule it. Or if you're just drunk at home and alone, then go ahead and whine all you want right then.


Dwism said...

When I was studying, we used to celebrate Sct. pattys day. It is not a very used holiday, where I come from. But for one glorious day, everyone at university where Irish, loved Guinness with green food-colouring. And everyone was so happy.
Those days have passed now. I miss those days.

Also, it seems I am not very good at whining but rather good at moaning.

Kiryn said...

I think it would be pretty awesome if someone got really drunk and started complaining about WoW-related things at a bar. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

need moar days of whining I have many things to whine about except they aren't all about wow - and too many people from my rl now read my wow blog so I can't whine about them.
We get St Pat's day early in Oz - so my team are celebrating it with Aussie beer and pizza. I guess I could whine about that - no Guiness to be had in a Pub that serves only Aussie beer.

Klepsacovic said...

@Dwism: Drunkenness has been known to promote moaning.

@Kiryn: I wonder how others would react, especially they had had no clue at all.

@pugnaciouspriest: No Guinness!? I'm adding to that to my list of things which are wrong with Australia. Or is it just the one place? Either way, it indicates a major problem.

Anonymous said...

@Klep - it's only this pub has an Aussie beer menu and sells lots of micro brewery beers. No foreign beers though.. but the pizza is divine!

mbp said...

Arghh ... I had a comment all prepared whining about your choice of St Patrick's day (I am genuinely Irish) and now you have gone and stolen my thunder by changing the date.

I am just going to go right ahead and whine about your changing the date!

Anonymous said...


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