Saturday Superstar: I had to smoke a bowl!

| Saturday, March 6, 2010
Ever run into this?

There's a wipe, the person doesn't release and run back. They don't say anything at all, even after trying to talk to them. I couldn't kick them, unfortunately. Finally they come back and report that they had to smoke a bowl.

I won't bash the drug use. That's your decision. Go for it. Smoke during the run even. I really don't mind.

Go ahead and when we wipe ask "mind if I smoke while you run?" Odds are I'll res you. I'm actually pretty lenient about rezing people after wipes if they say something. You can even mention it and auto-follow someone as long as we're not on boss. But don't just go afk and get offended when we don't carry you.

What annoys me most is the word choice, and my suspicion that they mean it: had to. Marijuana isn't additive. You don't have to use it. Maybe you had an absolutely terrible day and so you 'had to' use it, but wouldn't that be before the run even started? Needing it halfway in makes no sense at all. It's not as if we're talking about tobacco that people 'need' in the sense that they'll get stressed and irritable and freak the fuck out if they don't have it. At least as I've seen it, people are much more likely to 'need' a cigarette right now.

I guess it comes down to consideration and perspective. Be considerate and have some perspective on what you're doing. You don't need to do it and it's not cool, so quit bothering the group about what you're doing. We don't care except as far as you impede our progress with your behavior.


jeffo said...

'Marijuana isn't addictive'

While it may be true that marijuana isn't as addictive as coke or heroin, if you've ever seen/hung around with/been a heavy pot smoker, you'll know that it really IS addictive. He probably really *did* have to smoke one. That or he's one of those new smokers that thinks it's the height of cool to let everyone around him know that he's smoking.

Dwism said...

Im assuming that a "bowl" means weed.

I think a lot of the people who write these sort of things do it to sell themselves as cool relaxed and awsome people.

Funny that its the same people who then go afk w/o any notice

Klepsacovic said...

@jeffo: Bah, the height of human weakness. They're not harmed by the pot, they're harmed by their perpetual refusal to think, opting instead for senseless rambling.

@Dwism: And get very angry when you call them on it.

Dwism said...

Also, highly doubt they even do smoke teh stuff. It just sounds cooler than "tabbed out cuz I was watching donkey-pr9n"

...but that is a whole nother discussion.

I honestly do not think any of them "lol i just smoked some pot and now imma playing vid games" type of people have ever seen any drugs let alone ever consumed them.

Stabs said...

I did hang around with heavy pot users and even smoked quite a lot myself many years ago.

Honestly - the guy didn't need it.

It's just that like so many other WoW players a wipe means a break so he took advantage of the wipe to do something relaxing.

I'll bet any money that if you were about to kill the end boss and roll on a load of purples the guy would not have needed to go smoke.

Leaving the issue of pot aside you ress slackers because you want the run over with. You won't "make the point" - everyone playing end game WoW knows sometimes afking for a ress sometimes makes a pug implode and the guys who risk that don't care.

So ress him for you, so you can get the job over with and get your loot, crappy players are crappy.

Anonymous said...

Our raid leader is a heavy tobacco user. If we're wiping repeatedly he HAS to smoke cigarettes every second or third wipe. Otherwise the tension mounts up and he starts being nasty to everyone, until his wife has to take away his mic.

Klepsacovic said...

@Dwism: Based on purely a hunch, I'd acknowledge probably 75% haven't.

@Stabs: My goal isn't to make a point; my goal is to not carry some worthless, inconsiderate leech.

@Anonymous: Maybe he should try chewing instead; could save time and be a bit more consistent.

Anonymous said...

I wish people wouldn't during raids... and then wish that they wouldn't tell us about it, and then complain that their dps/heals was rather low for the evening..

Andrew Stiffler said...

I totally agree with Dwism. It is highly probable that those that claim they had to "smoke a bowl" are simply trying to appear cool, as using drugs is "rebelious" and therefore a step cooler than anyone else in the group.

Appearing cooler also helps justify their crappy performance, or reason for wiping. Because we know if you are good at this game, it means you have no life "Go smoke a bowl man, lighten up, you got no life."

You see the exact same excuse from people preceeding a run when they want to cover up their poor performance. "Dude im so high/drunk right now, lol." I saw this most commonly while playing DotA, a game dependent on both individual skill and teamwork. "Im high/drunk lol" is the most common excuse to explain their suckage.

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