So sick of welfare levels

| Monday, March 8, 2010
As if getting easy gear wasn't bad enough, Blizzard hands out level 80 to anyone who can grind a bunch of non-elites. They don't even have to solo them. These nubs could group up for what should be soloable mobs and still get xp. Seriously? Do we really need levels handed out like that? The other day I saw someone running around at level 80 like he was someone special, but I could tell he was a total noob.

What's next, some feature for noobs to invite other noobs and get free levels for it?

Or maybe, when they don't even play, they get 'virtual levels' which make them level faster. Yea, leveling up without even logging in.

It all started with the easy level 10 and went downhill from there. Level inflation got out of control and the noobs keep riding the wave. Easy 60, easy 70, easy 80 doesn't even surprise me anymore. I bet someday we're going to see noobs running around at level 85.

Yea, noobs at 85. Cataclysm is all set to ruin WoW.


Quicksilver said...

Your QQ about QQ is making me QQ...

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm font sorely needed. You where being sarcastic, yes?

Rem said...


Oh well, and don't forget the rampant RMT, where noobs can just purchase the game itself for real money! How noob is that, please?

Dwism said...

Hell yea!

Fekk it, I saw some kids. KIDS i tell ya. Running around in /1 and in /s asking for people to join them in a VoA raid.

A raid.

Just look at those two words. Who do they think they are? Trying to run raids. Moronic kids and casual slackers

Backthief said...

Thats a usual QQ post, indeed. But if you are an oldschool, i know your feelings.

Still, the game starts AFTER level cap, has been like this since vanilla.

Melfina said...

But but but if I get levels without ever logging in, my alts will get to 80 while I focus on the important things... like bookspawn farming and rep grinds and standing around Dal confusing people in trade chat. Oh, and showing off my l33t g3@r.

Of course once my alts get to 80 I will have no idea how to play them, but since I don't know how to play them now, it's really not going to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, the *real* WoW game doesn't begin until you make it to Dalaran. WoW is a social MMOrpg, and until you make Dalaran your home, you're playing an entirely different game to 80% of the other out there.

Obviously Activision wants Blizzard to make it so damn quick/easy to get people to that level, rather than spend weeks by themselves in The Barrens/Tanaris.

Anonymous said...

*awed silence*

Snoop101 said...

I blame Blizz for making idiot gamers play MMO's. To me an MMO was for hard core gamers, not console gamers who want everything yesterday. I want to work for what I get and be proud of it. What happens now is you hit 80 and go make another Alt right away.

Blizz is not in the game business, its in the money making business.

Klepsacovic said...

To everyone who laughed: You're welcome, thank you.

To everyone who took me seriously: Seriously?

To everyone who played along: Stop confusing me.

Anonymous said...

we all know end game is where it's at. New players don't want to be level 33's struggling through quests. They see all the big boys and girls doing raiding, and a want to play that game. If they made it worth sticking round lower levels it would distract the noobs..

Dwism said...

Sorry klep :) I enjoyed the post

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