| Wednesday, March 17, 2010
You'd think whining would be easy. I have all manner of complaints, annoyances, irritations, and hatreds stored up. But are they really whining? Somehow this is hard to write.

This is somewhat typical. I get a sort of neat idea, spread it a bit, and then fall on my end. So here I am wondering how to whine. I could not whine, but I started this whole "whine in solidarity" business, so I better fucking whine.

My guild uses DKP. This has some good aspects, and some bad ones. Bad ones like mail bracers drop which are a DPS upgrade for me and no one wants them. No shamans, no hunters; they're worth a shard to the guild. Unless of course I spend DKP to get them. Which I did since they were a significant upgrade, but it feels a bit odd to penalize someone for not making another shard.

I don't have much DKP anyway. So if we ever kill Putricide, I'm not getting a new trinket any time soon. And my T10 will stay T10. Mt loot situation in general is rather boring. Upgrades are either marginal or out of reach.

My computer is getting old. WoW is getting slightly better graphics each expansion and it seems like ever more spell effects. My framerates make raid fights a lot less fun. And hurt my DPS. I still do okay, but I feel bad about it, that I'm doing less than I could. But what can I do? I can't afford to buy a new computer just to raid a little bit better. I don't buy many games, so it's not as if it can be considered an investment in future fun. My mic doesn't work and I don't know why. But what do I need to say in vent anyway? I used to be a talker. Now I don't really care.

I screwed up a pickpocketing macro and destroyed about 40 boxes.

The last hour of raiding is the worst. That's when we're just wiping on progression fights. It doesn't feel like learning or progressing. Just dying. People are tired and nothing seems to get done. I don't remember hating wiping so much in MC. Are we all spoiled brats now who can't stand to not one-shot a boss?

Ever tried to talk about WoW with someone who doesn't play? It doesn't work. If you talked about a job or hobby or sport, anything other than gaming, people would at some level understand. They'd have some clue what you're talking about. Oh but simple ignorance would be preferable. I seem to run into a lot of people who put gaming on the same level as heroin addition, except at least that has the slight glamor of killing famous people. All we have are social rejects and the occasional 48 hour play death; which that sort of person would have found something else to die to.

It's a bit lonely to have no one to talk to. Well, a few friends, but I don't see them often and I feel like I'm supposed to talk about something more substantial. I've never mentioned my blog to my family. Even though I see it as semi-productive as a writing exercise, I imagine they'd be shocked that I talk so much about a game.

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Is this nothing more than an outlet for my incessant desire to tell people what I think? I was one of those people who never stopped talking in school. It wasn't necessarily talking about something unrelated to what we were learning, but I would debate endlessly and ask questions as much as a little kid going through the "why?" phase. It sometimes seems rather pointless. What impact does it have? There's the vague "building a community" aspect, but what is that even? Sometimes a big blogger leaves and there is much lamentation and then it seems like we all move on. They're not indispensable or irreplaceable. I'm sure that applies even more to small blogs. I suppose I've had some small impact based on a few Whiny Post Day posts and Tobold's recent moderation experiment. But that seems a bit pitiful in context: I slightly altered the posting of people blogging about WoW. Worst of all is probably that I doubt anyone from Blizzard has read this blog, or cared. Maybe a forum mod checked the link to ensure my sig doesn't link to a porn blog, but that's about it.

Last week I got my passport. It was a smooth process of tpye directly into the PDF, print it out, sign some stuff, and good to go. For some reason they don't take credit cards. I wasn't quite sure how to write a check, since I haven't in about 5 years. The whining part is where it asks for employment. I don't have a career yet. I'm graduated, so not a student. So I'm... unemployed? That's a bit humiliating, and it's valid for 10 years.

I guess whining wasn't so hard after all. Why the hell are people so negative?

Happy St. Patrick's Day. My friends aren't accessible via public transit and we don't have money to waste on taxis, so no drunk hanging out for us. My only plan for the day is to dig up some sort of invasive tall grass near the fence in the garden.


Anonymous said...

If it gets to the last half-hour/hour, and it doesn't feel like we're making progress, I take us to the farm bosses we saved. Festerface and Rotgut, currently.

Something easyish to warm up, then progression, then farm. Works quite nicely in ICC, right now.

jeffo said...

I found it surprisingly hard to whine. I think mine came out more like a rant.

And you should feel good about your blog -- at least you have readers! (there, I think I just whined a bit)

The problem I see with my group in ICC right now is that, if we wipe say 4 times on a boss, people want to go and try a different boss. We then wipe three/four times on that one and time is up for the night. We end up not learning enough about either of the fights to really get better at them. In a couple of months we'll have a 30% buff and then maybe we won't need to learn them, but that would be a hollow victory (damn, should have used THAT for my whiny post).

SlikRX said...

I know exactly how you feel about your blog & family. I've written over 100 posts now, so probably ~50,000 words?

And narry a friend or relative will ever read them.

Klepsacovic said...

@Anonymous: We did that in Ulduar; saving Razorscale for the very end so we could always end on a high note.

@jeffo: You could whine about how I stole your whine.

@SlikRX: A few friends have read my blog, but they're all gamers.

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