Who'd have noticed that they didn't suck?

| Thursday, March 11, 2010
I hopped on my warrior for some saronite farming; meaning one random heroic for the frost emblems. Queued as tank/DPS and got a ridiculously long two second wait to get into a DTK run.

The hunter kept pulling.

And the DK was well... a DK.

I get mad when DPS pull.

But can I get mad when misdirect is on me, after admitting that I was rusty (and therefore my aggro was shaky)? And when the healer has 90%+ mana? In a bad mood I'd have gotten mad at the hunter and called him a noob. Instead of recognizing that he was just speeding up the run without causing problems for the tank (misdirect) or the healer (plenty of mana and not too many mobs at once). Maybe I just ran into someone who plays a bit differently. Not badly, except by my arbitrary and rather restrictive standards. But who'd have noticed he was anything but an ADD-rushed noob DPS?

I hate the spider room on my warrior. They come out in ones and twos and are hard to pick up. I don't need to tank them since they barely hurt, but it's the principle of the matter. From somewhere (could it be the DK?) came chains of ice, slowing them and buying time for us to kill them before they got the swarms of spiders.

I don't know how they did on DPS. I don't really care.

Okay the priest was kinda low. Around 1.5k. Her gear appeared to be quest stuff and maybe a heroic blue here and there. And she was a priest in a group that burned down mobs in seconds. Kinda hard to get DoTs to tick for anything significant when the mob dies before then. Oh, check out Pugnacious Priest on this. She seemed new. I wish I'd been able to check out her spec and maybe even see what spells she was using, but tanking isn't as forgiving of inspecting and chatting. She got the gloves at the end and I thought of what the vendor price was compared to the thrill of those first few epics when they feel so special. I think that was worth my 20% share of less than 4g. As for the rest of the group, well screw them! I'm going to look out for myself, as any goblin would encourage. But my self-interest is rather social.


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