| Friday, March 19, 2010
Maybe you've heard of Simple Abstract Noun. I have. I'm in it. Then briefly wasn't. Then was again.

In other words I got gkicked.

You're probably wondering how one manages to get gkicked from a social blog community guild. Oh it's simple: let's just say the person who made the American side of it is a power-tripping crazy.

I didn't bother to take any screenshots since I'm trusting her to get all drama-whore and post some. Also because unlike someone I like to leave stuff behind me and not go on and on about it.

It's ridiculous. I send some polite tells and gchat messages about how I should be GM and she's lazy and emotional and next thing I can't send any green text anymore. She called me sexist too. That's totally unfounded. I specifically avoided sex-specific terms like "bitch" and went with the neutral "fascist". But does she bother to notice that I'm being reasonable? Clearly no!

Oh yea then after I refuse the first invite because who would want to go back to that, she starts sending me these tells... Let's just say the only one I can repeat is "so you're playing hard to get?" Did I look like I was in Goldshire flagged for ... that?

I did rejoin, but it kinda ruins the fun knowing there's this person with a god complex hovering over me, just waiting to ruin it all. I thought of starting my own guild that wouldn't be ridiculous like that, but damn, is that what being a GM does to a person?

Yea, so there's your Simple Abstract Noun Drama.

Part Two: What Happened on Whiny Post Day?
In one of yesterday's posts, Suicidal Zebra suggested that I make a post of whiny posts. I like the idea a lot. But there's a slight problem: I don't know all the whiny posts. I did try to find them, and found a lot, but I'm sure I missed some.

So I submit this request, or two, to the blogosphereodomeocron:
If you wrote a whiny post, please send me a link. Replace the yahoo in my email with gmail to ensure I get it.
If you didn't write a whiny post, let me remind you that Gevlon and Hitler did not write whiny posts. Do you want to be like them?
Second request: I could probably most easily find this if I knew how to find any page which linked the whiny post day announcement. I don't know how to do that. Would anyone like to point me to a place describing how to do that? Or tell me what it would be called, because "how do I see what pages are linked to the one about whiny post day" returns let's see... Spinks, Larisa, wowblips whatever that is, "Angry for a Reason: 'Whiny' Feminists and comics", "Is Jim "***" Brady a whiny ass titty baby?" and so on.

On a related note, I gave brief thought to moving the day to the last day of March. But then I realized that I shouldn't mess with tradition.

Thank you to everyone who whined.


Quicksilver said...

how the heck can one exercize power as the gm of a lowbie social guild??

you americans are weird...

Leah said...

ok I'm officially confused. (must login on my SAN alt more O-O) are you being serious, sarcastic? what happened exactly?

all I know is that crankyhealer decided to stop blogging due to some comments. is that related? 2 separate dramas?

I know curious cat, let bigons be bigons, etc, but gah! please somebody, anybody? Firespirit only made things more confusing :(

Gazimoff said...

On whiny posts day, I'd send you an email if I knew what your address was :)

David said...

Sounds like somebody has SAND in the you know where!

LarĂ­sa said...

Makes me sad to hear about all this drama. It's weird. What's wrong with people? I guess conflict is a part of human nature, but I can't help feeling a bit disappointed seeing all this stuff. :(

I think you have the link to my whiny post.

peace and love

Ruhtra said...

Let me apologize first. I did not participate in whiny day as I did not know it was whiny day until after it was over. Last few weeks of tax season is brutal for me.

On the GM aspect of things I feel I have a decent resume to speak from. Now I do not know all of the situations so I cannot speak specific to your situation as I barely have had time to log into my own guild.

When you join a guild it is like accepting a contract to abide by the rules of the guild. In my guild, we have them posted on the website and it is up to the members to go and read them. If they fail to follow them, then I kick them personally. Typically resulting in them going to trade to QQ about the mean guild. To which they get rediculed for.

In our guild we have a very strict set of guidelines pertaining to chatter in the guildchat that may offend other members. We have a wide range of age, sex, and race and it is my duty to those members to keep the guild in line according to the guild rules.

I have kicked people before on the spot for talking trash that is offensive. We are all adults and we know when we cross that line with someone. If this is the case, then I cannot argue against the logic. The only difference is that I would not have invited you back.

If this is not the case and you truly did not say anything offensive, then it is another issue that would best be handled out of the blogging atmosphere between the two parties like adults. If terms can be reached then post a joint article on the result of the conversation. If nothing can be done to correct the situation, then part ways peacefully without dragging everyone else through the mud.

Sorry for critting your comments. I love when I have logged into SAN and seen the banter and conversations. I have never seen you speaking ill or out of line about stuff. Best of luck on whatever decision you make. Either way, I shall continue reading and chatting with folks when I do happen to get to sneak online in SANs.

River said...

Mmm Drama it isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, you posted on ly whiny post so I assume that you don't need me to send it to you.

On the drama guild bit, either you are the master of sarcasm or the WoW blogging world is about to explode.

Klepsacovic said...

This is entirely unrelated to any previous drama. And I can assure you, there is no sarcasm.

And I just noticed, I don't have any email listed anywhere! I could swear I had it somewhere... Let's fix that.

★Leila | The Fiction Pixie said...

"I send some polite tells and gchat messages about how I should be GM and she's lazy and emotional and next thing I can't send any green text anymore."

Being a GM for over two years, I got news for you...telling people you could do my job better than I can does not get you on the good side of things.

Furthermore, taking the initiative to run and encourage over 200 bloggers and readers to come together in a guild -AS WELL AS HAVE A EU CHAPTER- is so incredibly NOT lazy.

As a side note, I should be on SAN more often.

Miss Medicina said...


Kayeri said...

Hm... you join a guild, begin smack-talking and insulting the guild master straight off the bat and then are shocked when you are kicked...

That's really a no-brainer..


Keredria said...

Wait, I'm confused... what happened?

Though seriously... drama in a guild full of bloggers... imagine that!

iapetes said...


iapetes said...


Klepsacovic said...

@theycallmelila: She didn't make the EU chapter. She copy-catted it.

Miss, I don't appreciate your trolling caplock.

@Kayeri: Smack talk right after I join? Clearly you're misinterpreting the situation. First off, I was in the guild for days, maybe even weeks! I'd have been in longer but Miss Precious was rather slow to invite me. I guess I should have known even then. Also there was zero smack talk.

@iapetes: Nice double post, noob troll.

Dwism said...

Funny? nah

Klepsacovic said...

Whiny posts are being assembled, thanks to all who send links.

Cassandri said...

Huh, you wanted to be GM of a social blogging guild?


I think a lot of the bloggers chatting in SAN are a bit too PC (politically correct) and I can't blame the Americans either because another Australian guild member got offended by my use of the word "Aussie"!

Other than that I figured the guild was pretty harmless and mostly pretty cheerful.

Klepsacovic said...

@Cassandri: All of this was a joke that got taken too seriously.

Though I did want to be made GM temporarily in order to make a special rank for myself.

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