The LFD RFD from pre-BC

| Monday, March 22, 2010
Razorfen Downs was a terrible place back in the day. The run there was too long. The corpse run was too long. It was hard to keep aggro on all the little piggies.

It did have one really great feature: A sword which was awesome for, let's say a leveling rogue or fury warrior. Pair it with the quest for clearing all of SM and you're going to have a nicely-geared lowbie. It's too slow for tanking, but would still be an upgrade for my little paladin.

So I queue for a random, hoping for RFD. I get it.

As we approach the gong, two DPS leave. They said nothing and I didn't see anything obviously stupid going on in the group. We get a hunter and a rogue. Near the escort/second boss, the new rogue leaves. We carry on. Someone starts the escort early. The boss from the escort drops a mage-specific wand. Yes, a class-specific random drop from an escort event. I think all that could make that a worse way of distributing loot would be to make it BiS so mages must farm it endlessly.

I die when I pull the second boss. Turns out the healer is DCed. I run back, we kill him. As we work our way around the spire the healer is lagging, then DCing again. So we got old-school.

These days we just AoE everything down and the healer is a healer and the hunter is just some near-useless idiot who ninjas the drops at the end.

But back in my day...

The hunters were idiots.

Actually this one dropped freezing traps to reduce the damage I was taking. The elemental shaman was healing. And so we three-manned a few packs, fully expecting to do that until the end. Some groups would have quit. Some groups would have requeued. But this group just kept on fighting.

That felt strange. And good.

I won't lie and say it was hard. It wasn't. It was still pretty easy (for me, not sure how the shaman felt about it). But it was different. It was something other than the normal chain-pull face-roll oh-em-gee-r-we-done-yet of the usual randoms.

The random loot bag gave me plate tanking shoulders. I'm level 36 (37 after a gnome gave me a very expensive ring; expensive for me, damn scam artist).


Craig Eddy said...

I really hate when people just leave without saying anything. I once had a group ditch me and a shammy half way into blackrock depths. Da shammy was elemental. Me a prot shammy. We went ahead anyway, me tanking and the shammy healing. And we still owned.

Pazi said...

I had a funny run yesterday. 1 warrior (tank), 3 ret-paladins, and a priest in sunken temple (BTW since ST isn't split its probably the longest dungeon right now). I'm not sure why the warrior left without saying a word, maybe because each of the paladins pulled 450 dps (lvl50) on trashpulls and we usually tanked at least one mob each. Anyway he dropt after 3-4 trashpulls and the tool started looking for a new tank. Since I waited already like 30min before I put on a shield and sword, the priest bubbled me and without saying a word we continued ... a new tank joined when we were one trashpull from the endboss away ^^
Oh and another one. On my hunter (52) in BRD where you only need to do the one boss in the prison to get the bag, the runs usually ends there - well we kept tucking on for at least 1 1/2 hours, two of us also did the key-quest.
No, unfortunately you don't get such groups every time. But it's the 10% when you actually get them that keeps me using the LFD.

Klepsacovic said...

Getting ditched from those long instances is the worst! Though it feels so much better when you do succeed.

Pazi, I've seen a few groups continue in a place like Stockades, where the finish is on one end but there are still bosses, and quest mobs, on the other.

Craig Eddy said...

How come in BRD after you kill the Inquistitor chick for the Prison, you dont complete it? I really hate that. No more BRD for me

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