What happened on Whiny Post Day?

| Saturday, March 27, 2010
Suicidal Zebra suggested that I make a post of whiny posts. I liked the idea a lot. So I set out to find whiny posts and a few helpful people emailed me with links to their posts. Thank you, helpful people.

Here's what I found. These are in no particular order. I hope I've read them correctly. I've a bad habit of failing at reading.

Pink Pigtail Inn: Whiny Post Day: A post about loneliness
It was about loneliness and games.

Looking for More: Whiny Post Day
The approach of Cataclysm is killing WoW. Also he had to wear a flashlight.

The Noisy Rogue: Thank God for Whiny Post Day
Fine thread and blacksmithing and bloggers are supposed to know everything. The shame to not...

Dwarf Death knight or Dwism: Whiny post day: When you run out of fun
Idiots and death knights. When the wife breaks up with your characters, can you really play the same?

Revive and Rejuvinate: A Post of Whine and Two Qs
Sobriety on St. Patrick's Day is a sin. Stop gratzing me, that new gear just made me broke!

Light's Fury: The Day of the Whiny Post
When the casual goes hardcore, and regrets it.

The Mana Obscura: Care For Some Cheese With Your Whine?
Just another mage whining, probably didn't even need whiny post day to whine. I kid, I kid... maybe.

A High Latency Life: Whiny Post Day! – Mage QQ
Mages are billed as glass cannons, but aren't quite cannons, and talents aren't making that glass bullet-proof.

Tobold's MMORPG Blog: Whiny Post Day
People bitch about him writing anything non-robotic, despite him being a human and it being his blog. Then there was a fun little flame war with Syncaine in the comments.

Killing 'em Slowly: Whiny Post Day Shall Commence!
Buying a house sucks, rogues suck, tech support sucks, and that cat can poop rainbows on command.

The Barrens Chat: Whiny Post Day
PUGs lol Chores (daily badge grind) lol and lol as punctuation lol!

The Lazy Sniper: You Guys Have A Whine Day?
People ruin the experience of leveling alts. Trade chat is full of crap, and get your goddamn mammoth off the mailbox.
"People who say “lol”, sorry it means to laugh, if you’re fucking laughing WE KNOW YOU’RE LOLING. I don’t eat a fucking sandwich and randomly go “Chew!” out loud do I?"
Also: gay.

Bubble Hearth: Whiny Post Day – Bears Have All The Fun

Barkskin: Whiny Post Day : The Prot Paladin Effect
Paladin rerollers are flooding the world with obnoxious noob tanks.

Stabbed Up: Whiny Post Day: Facebook, facebook everywhere
Facebook is killing games, will continue to kill games, and fun will drown in a sea of swindled facebook money.

Righteous Orbs: Klepsacovic Sanctioned Whining
Too good of a password, too convenient of an authenticator, and why is my date running away when I pull out my keys?

The 'mental Shaman: St Paddy’s….oh, Whiny Post Day.

RP communities are killing RP by being pretentious nitpicking pricks.

Shadow Outpost: Whiny Post Day – makes me laugh / rant / laugh
Gorillas, pricks, twats, and certain customers. God that sounded dirty.

I can do alts, me: Whiny post day...
Too cheerful to whine. What a shame. She did manage to complain about nerfing the cactus apple quest in the Valley of Trials.

Petaholics Anonymous: Whiny Post Day
"People who don’t play with mods and/or macros and are proud of it" are annoying!

We Fly Spitfires: Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?
There's never enough time.

Spinksville: Whiny Post Day: What would you sacrifice at the altar of progression?
Why do people treat this game like work? And why do we give up so much for this work-game? It kills communities and friendships.

Escape Hatch: Whiny Post Day
He hates on the backseat raid leaders, causing great offense to those of us who play something lame like DPS and need to order others around to feel important.

Zarii and Me: Happy Whiny Post Day!
Too much fuck, swearing isn't stupid, and people of all sorts. It was legitimately whiny, but the title just ruined it for me. HAPPY!? No, ma'am. No.

Clearcasting: Not Quite Whiny
Beware the blogger, for she can show all the world your sexism.

Priest with a Cause: Whiny Post Day: The lull
Bored? You can't quit! Too many social obligations.

Aggro Management: /whine(y post day)
Hates on troll women, whines a lot about people and the various ways they make life worse.

Grandma's Gametime: Whiney Post Day
She needs more time. And her husband needs to stop talking during shows.

The Beast Within: Whiny Post Day
Rogues and warlocks are assholes and no one enjoys losing control of their character.

Kill that Cheerleader: Moan of the day! – Opinions
Give an opinion, don't sit on the fence, and what do people do? They attack you can say you're wrong.

Just One More Unlock: March 17th Whiny Post Day
Borderlands isn't loved enough.

Killed in a Smiling Accident: Thought for the Day
"Having a Whiny Post Day among bloggers is like having a Fly Aircraft In The Sky Day among airline pilots."

Tish Tosh Tesh: Why Whine?
Gramer whining, Farmville, and people who will and will not take our money.

Need More Rage: Whiny Post Day?
"Pffft. Yeah, bugger that. Got things ta hit with me axe, got exotic wimmens ta meet. Ain't got time fer whining."
At least he wrote something. You know who writes nothing? Hitler.

Thank you to everyone who wrote a whiny post. Sorry if I missed yours. I tried searching the back alleys of google and the blogosphere, but I kept running into those creepy sites that collect bits of posts and ruin any attempt to search by terms. Also certain people didn't write whiny posts but people in their blogrolls did, thereby triggering a lot of false results.


We Fly Spitfires said...

Wow, that's a lot of whines :)

LarĂ­sa said...


and here's the link to my whiny post.

Klepsacovic said...

@We Fly Spitfires: Bloggers are whiny people.

@Larisa: Thanks, I fixed it.

Angelya said...

Nice summaries :) It's gonna be hard to keep this to just one day a year you know ;)

Klepsacovic said...

There will be harsh penalties for those who whine on other days. I might complain about them.

River said...

LOL, Damn whiners!

Tesh said...


I'm not quite sure I fit the mold, but it'll do. It's not as cool at Ratshag, anyway.

Klepsacovic said...

Tesh, I must admit, I had seen your whine, and somehow I lost it. I shall add it right after this comment.

Tesh said...


No worries. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone felt like whining about my post. ;)

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