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| Friday, November 27, 2009
Every now and then I get completely surprised when I find that someone reads my blog. I think of it as a little tiny itsy-bitsy piece of the blogosphere that no one ever notices. Well sure, I know my favorite gnomes read and a few other people as well, but I'm no Tobold or Gevlon or one of those other names that is just... you know it. Even if you don't read it, you know the name, but odds are, you read it. A strange habit of mine: when I find a new blog I check their blogroll. If I see Greedy Goblin I frown and shake my head, and then go back to a slight smile because it's so much more fun to smile. If I don't see mine I smile a little big less. If I see Pink Pigtail Inn I say: "Well at least they have some taste."

Every now and then a real life friend of mine makes some comment about a recent post. I get confused. "What do you mean 'only I could make therapy disturbing?' Oh! You read that?" This recent exchange led to my idea for a post 'soon': Where do bank alts come from? Or I made a post on the general forums and someone responds that they like my blog. A druid of all types! Somehow this never struck me as a blog that a druid would ever read. Except Hana but she's a druidadin.

Of course once I get going on this line of thought I get all confused. What class would read this? I know because I've been told, that my blog address has pulled in some people looking for a shaman blog. Oops? My labels you might find this in a search for paladins. Or as I recently noticed: hunter BiS weapons. Yea, that's from one post a while back.

Not a class blog. Not a lore blog. Not an economics/gold-making blog. Not theorycraft. Not news. I actively avoid this being a "here's what I did yesterday" blog, though it still happens since what I did yesterday was so amazingly amazing and funny and omg leik can u believe wut dropped!? Sorry. Sometimes I feel like a knockoff PPI with some mix of social posts and commentary and general being a nice person-ness. That's right, I am being outblogged by a Swedish mother and her friend who I am not really sure but I thought was from Arizona.

What does it mean that when I try to write these sort of posts where I'm curious about my audience that they end up all self-deprecating? Oh you say you've never seen me write one of these? That's because I delete them because I hate that emo crap. Cheer the f- up!

Yesterday I learned that I can solo the tiger boss in ZG. I was worried that I'd not have the interrupts to do it. It turns out the heals are infrequent enough that I can damage through them and only need to interrupt close to the end. And it appears that the madness boss is the one I need, so unless it switched tomorrow, I think I'll be able to get it and complete my trinket. Truth be told, this is just a scheme to free up the bank slots. Oh damn, I just did one of those "read this and care about what I'm doing" type of posts, or part of one. That's so... social.

P.S. Just to ensure that I'm not ripping off Larisa by being a nice person, I plan to be an asshole for a while. I figure I'll make it a day or two.
P.S.S. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Or a Happy Thursday since I know you're not all Americans.


Larísa said...

It's friday where I live! I'm not entirely sure it's happy though. In some ways it is I guess. You know all that stuff about being grateful for what you have, the message of Thanksgiving, which really is very nice. Still... it's extremely dark, a huge work load at my job has worn me down pretty badly the last few weeks and I want to see Icecrown NOW. Could be better. could be worse.

Anyway. I'm just rambling about me, when I really wanted to ramble a bit about you, giving you a pat on the shoulder or even a hug. What's this nonsense about being outblogged? Since when did you start to bother about fame and statistics? You've found your inner blogger voice. You can write from your heart about anything, without jumping on the how-to-make-gold bandwagon or just mass producing boring but useful boss and gear guides. You're what I consider a TRUE blogger. Personal. Varied. Full of surprises.

I can't emphasize enough how much I like your blog - even though your blog name is a bit weird, but which blog name isn't? :)

Cheers and hugs from your innkeeper (who also feels a bit emo, lonely and lsot sometimes. You know. The difference is that the PPI keeper will won't delete the rants but publish them, with the immediate response: "stop playing the game if you don't like it". Oh well... )

Klepsacovic said...

Confession: I wrote this last night. I suppose I should have just posted it then and avoided confusion. All events were relevant to Thursday but it didn't come out until Friday.

While I'm sure you have more numbers, I'm not a DPS sort, so numbers aren't my thing. I'll refrain from more pity party.

I think I said it a few posts ago: You're too kind.

MLW said...

Doesn't Larísa have Gevlon on her site?

Klepsacovic said...

Yes. But at least she reads PPI, so there's some hope for her. :)

Board Games Curitibanos said...

hey, hows it going?

My name is Tozelli. I have a shaman on Warsong, and I always enjoy reading your blog at my work.

Great posts. Keep on writing :)

Dwism said...

Yes i do?

Was that the answer you where looking for?
Unlike Larisa, i started reading this blog (off her feeder) because I adored the name :)

And GL on that asshole posts, I can give you advise if you want to make grumpy old man posts though!

Klepsacovic said...

@Tozelli: It goes well. Thank you.

@Dw-redux: Thanks, but I think I can handle grumpy old man. Just get me started on how back in my day we didn't have useful aggro meters because Blizzard would hotfix spell changes and the addon author wouldn't realize and back then tanks barely did any damage and their aggro was low and do you realize how frustrating it was to have no aggro dump beside a soulstone? Sometimes we'd suggest that lifetap be an aggro reducer, since it made sense that killing ourselves would make us less threatening.

Unknown said...

I enjoy your posts even if I do get behind on them from time to time. (But then I devote a whole block of time just to your posts!)

I know what you mean about the surprises and warmfuzzies when finding out who reads ya (since most readers stay pretty anonymous).

Keep it up! :)


Klepsacovic said...

Syrana, your blogger name confuses me.

Hana said...

Catching up on blogs from the holiday break. :) I just wanted to say that your blog might not have a "point" per se, but it's fun to read and that's what matters.

And druidadin? Hehe... I suppose I am. Too much pally for my druid self.

Klepsacovic said...

@Hana: Pointless fun? I can go along with that.

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