| Saturday, November 14, 2009
Who's the cutest little avatar of death? Who's the cutest little avatar of death? Oh he is, yes he is!

Behold, Fred Fizzledbang, gnome death knight. Bringer of death, decay, explosions, and oh so snuggly cuteness. You just wanna pick him up and nuzzle his cute little nose.

Aw... he 's hopping up and down and screaming.

What's that? You're hungry for souls?

Oh but he just ate.

Yes it's my new gnome death knight Fizzledbang. He served with... potential honor, in the Plaguelands, before he we mauled by ghouls while planting demolitions in the Plaguelands. Sadly, he did not complete his mission, having miswired the charges. His last thought was that his bangs had fizzled and when he was brought back, Arthas was unable to eliminate the competing voice in his head: "fizzledbang fizzledbang fizzledbang."

When he was betrayed by Arthas, he was left free to pursue the fixing of his name.


Kromus said...

Wilfred Fizzlebang (the gnome warlock) will not be happy about his brothers career change!

Klepsacovic said...

They are of no blood relation; though perhaps they share a brotherhood based on a common history of getting owned by evil forces.

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