Gnome Racials are Overpowered

| Sunday, November 22, 2009
I finally started leveling engineering on my gnome DK. This is after farming tons of mats, up to thorium, I have more farming to do to be ready for Outland. I based my mat collection off a guide I'd found and gathered a bit more than what was recommended. This means a few stacks of copper, a few of bronze, and so on.

Time to start leveling.

Okay first, I have to explain what a nerd I am. Playing WoW: check. Using 3rd party resources: +1. Copying the mat list into a spreadsheet: +1. Making that spreadsheet a Google doc so I can have it up in Firefox instead of having to run an extra program (Excel): +1. Moving on...

Oh, I'm at 16. Weird. Oh, gnome! +15 seems like it would save some gold near the end, not having to level the last 15. Oh but it's more than just that. +15 means that I can make items 15 higher than normal, but with the equivalent skill chance of the normal level. The result is that I start making powders at the normal level, but they last 15 longer. That's 15 fewer levels of needing expensive metals. The overall result so far has been to save me about 75% of my metal. Remember, it's often the last 15 before a new tier that is most mat-intensive.

Now I have tons of extra ore and bars that I can sell.

Gnome racials are overpowered.

Part Two: Am I a Carebear?
A conversation with a friend of mine, with his parts cut out for reasons of privacy and me obviously being so much more important.
I'm trying to decide if a recent action makes me a carebear
so I'm on a PvP server
I see an enemy druid fighting some elite
so I help him out, even taunting it off of him
and let him loot the quest item
then I promptly remove his last remaining health
does that make me a carebear?

Part Three: GADPVP
Gnomes Against Drunk PvP
so instead of a normal DPS plate hate
I wear this cloth quest reward
because it looks cool
and once an hour I can pull booze out of it
Brian: Horray!
well seeing as I lost to this DK and shaman with the DK living by only a few health, I suspect the hat got me killed
leading to the suggestion to not PvP while drunk

Part Four: Slogans
Escape Artist: I didn't have enough ways to kill mages as a DK.
Losing in PvP? QQ more! No seriously, my PvP trinket is bound to Q.
If it's red, it's not released yet so you can keep spamming emotes at it. Asshole.
Gnomish Engineering: Smaller explosions, bigger disasters.


Stabs said...

"A conversation with a friend of mine, with his parts cut out"

I think the fact that you cut your friend's parts out proves pretty conclusively that you are not, in fact, a carebear.

Klepsacovic said...

AH! NO! That's horrible.

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