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| Friday, November 20, 2009
There's my little gnome out farming fel iron. Oh no, the next node has a rogue at it. I want my fel iron.

Too bad I'm 65 and he's 72.

But I want my fel iron!

So I death grip him in the middle of his mining. Icy touch, plague strike, and start going with obliterate. I'm frost, so I'm not wiping out my diseases.

Somehow I was landing hits. Many hits. Many hits that made his health go down.

He didn't really fight back. He seemed to try to run away and I was going to hit him with chains of ice, but then he vanished. The diseases broke that. He gouged me and then seemed to be trying to line up a backstab when it wore off and I again put my polearm into his rotting face.

He died.

I mined.

I learned something important. I learned to never give up, never shy from any obstacle. I learned that nothing, not even seven levels, can stand between me and my mining.


Hana said...

Hahaha... I've yet to be attacked by someone seven levels below me, but I know that four levels is no deterance. I've done it myself, and had it done in return.

I tend to think that I'm not much of a ganker, but I'm territorial. I'd definitely go after somene mining a node I wanted. ;)

The rogue hopefully learned something too. Look around before you start mining. If he'd been more aware he could have stealthed and started the fight on his terms.

Klepsacovic said...

I recall on my paladin getting attacked by a prot warrior who wanted a node. I'd normally win but, he was at least 5 levels lower, so I instead did something more than, but including, win.

World PvP is so great for inspiring paranoia. Er... situational awareness.

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