Maybe I'm not supposed to raid

| Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I don't DC. I mean, of course when the servers are being bad I have the same problems as anyone else, but I'm not one of those people who DCs and the raid is waiting for them and it's a huge waste of everyone's time. That's not me.

Recently I've not been raiding except for Onyxia.

But tonight I decided to try it again. My guild started hardmodes in ToC a week or so ago and that sounded interesting. So in I go.

I'd entered too many instances recently. Apparently DM shares that cooldown with ToC. That was so stupid I didn't even consider it. So I missed the first attempt.

Second time I got in. Then I proceeded to DC constantly. Sometimes on relogging I'd get stuck at success. I'd hit cancel and get the realm list. Pick Zul'jin and then WoW would suffer a fatal error. The one that asks you to send an error report to Blizzard.

On and off and on and off. I was at least able to be on to get badges, and some unwanted holy boots, which now makes me feel bad that I was 75% useless over the fight. I missed the entire faction champions fight when I decided to restart my computer since I had nothing else to lose if I'd DC anyway. That didn't fix it.

At one point I couldn't even log in fully; I'd DC once the loading bar filled. I was able to get on my bank alt, hoping that would help. It didn't.

I've changed nothing with my hardware. I've added no addons except ones which were disabled anyway. I don't know what could have possibly changed since the last time I raided.

Can't get in.
Wipe wipe wipe.
Can't stay online.

Maybe WoW is trying to tell me to stick to my rep grinds and crafting and leave the raiding to other people.

To top it off, on this last DC before the fight started they asked if I could stay online for it. I thought so, since I'd been online for a while at that point. The moment I swung at the Valkyr: DC. If I'd left before the fight, someone was waiting in line to take my place. What a way to end a night, wasting 3 badges that someone would have otherwise gotten.



Kara said...

One of our mages had a similar problem the other day... he's never had a DC problem but he DC'd our entire ToC run... We had him restart his computer and he ended up dc'd for an entire fight as back just in time for badges.

He stepped out, though I hated that he had to do that :( So I don't think you're alone.

MLW said...

A lot of addons are causing disconnects in the last few months, especially the notorious GearScore. Many of these new addons communicate between players through invisible chat channels. With 25 players, the amount of communication can increase dramatically, and lead to disconnects.

I would take a look into that.

(A useful link: )

MLW said...

I should have also said, these addons will communicate with you even if you don't have the same addon yourself, so it could be a reason despite adding nothing new to your own client.

Klepsacovic said...

@Askevar: Sounds about the same. Weird stuff.

@Jormundgard: I doubt it's GearScore, but perhaps something with DPS meters? That would explain the sudden DC at the start of a fight. But I could log in during and not immediately DC. I'll try some of the suggestions from that link, thank you.

I'm still confused why it's so new. I held up to 25 man Ony whelp AoE this past week and I can't think of anything with more graphic effects or damage to communicate. My framerate went to almost zero and my UI was terribly laggy, but I stayed online. This is just *poof*.

Kiryn said...

That used to happen to me sometimes, I'd get disconnected every time I logged on to a certain character, with an error about some file being corrupted.

The first time, I panicked, but then I discovered simply restarting my computer fixed the problem, and it worked like a charm every other time it happened to me from that point on.

Stabs said...

E-mail their tech support.

Also check hard disk memory, run defrag and cleanup, and re-install your addons.

If you still have trouble disable addons and try then.

Failing that you may need to re-install WoW.

I must say though that generally disabling addons has fixed such problems for me in the past.

"D" said...

I'm having the exact same problems - the DC right when the load up screen bar is filled, then try to log in again, get the "Authenticating" button but not doing anything, hitting "cancel" and it taking me to the realms list, click my realms and it pulls up my toons ... also with trying to log in and it kicking me out and giving me the error message. I have been trying different addons, but I have disabled or uninstalled them all and am still having the same problems. Forget Ony - I DC every time on the whelps phase and it takes me the entire phase to get back in after many tries - last night it took me five. I'd get the cancel/realm list problem, then load up and get in only to see a frozen screen, and then it'd kick me out again.

My computer is relatively new, I've never had problems before, and my spell detail and video settings are turned all the way down.

Just letting you know - this seems to be a common problem, and I agree with Jormundgard - this may be a problem with fairly new addons that either you or someone else has downloaded. It's not just you, no need to throw a computer against a wall yet. :-)

Shintar said...

There's also a chance that it's just heroic TotC. For a long time we always had people disconnect there on masse, even if their PCs and internet connections were alright everywhere else. It would usually happen just as the fight started, or in the case of one of our tanks, whenever he taunted. Blizzard apparently even acknowledged that there were simply problems with the instance. I just thought they had fixed it by now.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kiryn: They really should add that as the third idiot question: "It is plugged in? Is it turned on? Did you restart it?" Fixes so many problems.

@Stabs: I ran the repair utility. It looked like it redownloaded the recent patch.

@"D": I doubt I could afford to buy a new computer anyway.

@Shintar: Not good news for my attempts at ToC, but at least I know I'll be able to kill Ony some more and lose the roll on the 2h some more.

G-Rebel said...

I know very little, so I give you no advice. I used to live with Error #132 & 134, it was the bane of my gameplay. Then I fixed it and I'm happy now. My issue was a corrupted RAM slot (how that happened I have no idea, nor will I ever try to find out).

So, good luck! And if it keeps happening, you can always try Barbie Online, I hear the Mall instance is "to die for".

jeffo said...

We have a guy that keeps getting DC'd just about every time he runs into ToC. Anywhere else? No problem. During the fight? Stays on. For some reason it happens just going into the place. No reason that we can figure.

Klepsacovic said...

@G-Rebel: Unfortunately I cannot get into the lore of Barbie Online and turned off by their website, so I never gave it a try.

@jeffo: This is strong evidence in favor of the "gnome theory" of computers. That being that computers are actually filled with gnomes, not circuits (in all seriousness, the circuits exist, but are purely for show), and as we all know, gnomes like to play tricks.

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