CC, hunter tanks, and the square root of -1

| Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Imaginary, right?

I decided to burn off some rested XP on my hunter (60) last night. Amazingly, I was able to find a tank, healer, and two other DPS for ramparts. It was a smooth run, minus pulling the first boss early, which isn't much of a problem anymore.

Since we'd just done the quests, we all agree to run BF next. Then a paladin DCed. I gave him some time before getting a shadow priest as a replacement. Turns out that was our tank that left.

"How much faith do you have in a pet tank?" I asked. "None," came the reply.

"Just for that, I'm proving you wrong. Let's go."

It was a tricky run. I lost aggro a lot when people didn't assist my pet. My traps were sometimes broken. The mage pulled more than once with sheep.

But we got through it. I thanked the group for giving it a try and apologized for the rough spots. They said it was fun, that they missed using CC, and they couldn't believe it had worked.

Who'd have thought?


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