Does WoW need therapists?

| Thursday, November 19, 2009
I don't know if my paladin is very happy.

"He doesn't pay attention to me anymore. We sometimes go to Dire Maul, but I feel like we're only together because of the ravasaur hatchling. It's going to be grown up soon and then I feel like he'll just throw me away. What do I do then?"

How does this make you feel?

"Frustrated! I get so angry. Sometimes we go tanking, but it feels like he wants me to be another class. I caught him with a death knight once. His death knight he used to call her. I thought they wee done, that he'd stopped with it. But no, I get summoned into this ToC group and I'm thinking 'Why would he be here? He must have gotten the idea that I want something in here.' I knew it then, he's just been there with his death knight. Tanking! Without me! I bet they got the Black Heart."

Maybe you're just imagining it.

"Imagining? Do you know what if feels like to walk into an instance and know that someone else was there first? And then you say I'm imagining it!?"

I'm suggesting that you not lead yourself to conclusions.

"He gets me gems sometimes. But I know this one was just some reject that his rogue didn't want. Ugh, she gets all the gems and all she does is pawn them."

I heard he recently bought you a new mount.

"Yea, a new mount. How romantic. It has this ugly goblin and troll always in the back. And it smells. He only got it for Dire Maul anyway. I'm so sick of that place, saving that stupid goblin in there. It's so stupid. First we killed them and now he's saving them? What's next, I rescue the Ogre Prince from the Naga? Oh have I mentioned I was made queen of the ogres? That was such an honor..."

Why did you two start going to Dire Maul?

"It was supposed to be someplace fun. Just the two of us. No crowds or idiot PUGs. But he's just using me. And halfway in he left and started spending all this time with his rogue and druid. Grinding gold. Yea, great euphemism; those whores. And his shaman too! I thought they were over. I thought..."

Go on.

"I remember our first raid. We were in in Karazhan and these tanking bracers dropped. I wanted them so much. The raid leader asked if I was his main. Oh my god I was floored by that. THE QUESTION! Oh my god. He said yes and just like that his shaman was gone and I was his main. And oh my god those bracers. Eventually we had to sell them, but then one day he surprised me and took me back to Karazhan and got a new pair. Sometimes he so sweet like that."

Perhaps these are positive aspects that you can focus on, build on those.

"Yea, sure. Sure. Let me tell you about another 'positive aspect'. Raid performance. Half the time he doesn't even show up. Yea we do some 6-9 tanking sometimes, but almost never. It's always ret and 'first come first serve.' Yea, that's him just dropping all his cooldowns at once and then complaining that sometimes my mana doesn't last the whole raid. Like that's my fault. Ugh. There's no timing to it, no rhythm. It's just all there and when it's ready again he goes and it just feels terrible. He never asks me how my DPS is doing. Can you believe it, no Recount during, not even a glance at WWS afterward. It's like he doesn't care about my performance, or his."

I will refer you to one of my colleagues about that. Can you tell me more about the alts? Those seemed to come up a lot.

"Yea they do. All the time. When we were in Dire Maul he got some felcloth and I got rid of it because, ew? But turns out he had me send it to his priest. Oh yea, she's a tailor, all the styles too. Turns out he took her to a moonwell. Can you believe it? Logs me out in that crummy SEWER bar so he can take her to Ashenvale."

I'm picking up faithfulness as a problem. Perhaps we can work on that next session.



Fantastic, bravo.

Stabs said...


My antispam word is "holoy". Like "holy" but gone wrong.

Kinda apt.

Hana said...

Aw... poor paladin!

Klepsacovic said...

@Dire Human: I guess? I feel bad, I didn't realize she felt this way.

@Stabs: Holy gone wrong? That's redundant!

@Hana: I know. :(
We tried to work things out and do some raiding together but, that didn't go well.

Fish said...

lol awesome. . .

My Belf looks kinda prissy, I think he might be jealous of my shammy, but in typical prissy fashion, his gear is still better. However, my shammy is an orc, he is completely ok with sloppy seconds lol

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