I'm very sorry, Blizzard

| Saturday, November 7, 2009
In the future I will not attempt to bring up good ideas on the forums. If I have something to say, I will put it here or bury it in another thread. Which you will then delete. I will avoid disagreeing with you and voicing my disagreement. I will also have just lied; there's no way I'm going to start saying nothing.

Here's how it goes down: I see a thread about disenchanting. I post in in, responding to arguments with my own and being far more civil than most of the posters deserved. The only uncivil thing I said was early on that someone was terrible for complaining that enchanters are rich and they couldn't make any gold from inscription. Moving on.

That was the only DE thread I'd seen at the time. I decided to make one titled "Disenchanting is not a crafting profession." I don't recall any threads specifically about that; they all seemed to cover unfairness or compensation.

Or in the case of one thread I made a couple weeks ago, it being Communism. Maybe it was deleted or it fell off the forums, I can't find it anymore. I intended it as humor, and people seemed to recognize it as such for the most part; though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit serious. I reposted it on Driven Draenei if you care to read it. When I posted it, I didn't have that last line about lazy people and Obama; that's a Driven Draenei exclusive!

Getting back to my original topic, I didn't see my post as being spammy. There didn't appear to be many enchanting threads and I felt this one was sufficiently distinct. Apparently not. I was given a 24 hour ban for spamming, presumably because of that thread since it didn't have any specific posts linked. The last time I was banned I recall they showed exactly what post caused it (I still say it was only me repeating Blizzard's words).

My other reason for thinking that it was due to that thread is that it was moved to professions and then locked. After I looked back at the general forums to see if I'd missed a few enchanting threads (turns out I had or they'd popped up very recently), I saw my thread still there, which surprised me, with the little "this thread has been moved to a different forum" symbol (the green arrow).

I'm not going to try to argue any more that my thread wasn't spam. From Blizzard's perspective it might have appeared so and I can't do much about that. I am annoyed at how they handled it though. The ban seems entirely unjustified. There's a difference between posting something which happens to have been posted by others and actually spamming. The thread itself may be redundant, but the poster is not a spammer. If my thread had been deleted, I'd have not been as annoyed. Ideally it would have been deleted and I'd have gotten a message saying "please post in the currently existing threads." That would be completely reasonable.

I'm also confused as to why they would move and lock the thread. Moving it makes sense. Locking it makes sense. Both seems redundant.

When I was searching for the Communism thread I did find a similar post of mine about DE from about a month ago. Could it possibly be that two threads on the same subject in a month qualify, or three if you count the Communism one? I doubt that the moderators are digging through month-old post records. If you happen to care, here's the old post.

Giving General a last glance, it looks like all threads about enchanting are gone. I guess it would be tricky to pick just one to allow: "omg blizz y u delete my thread and not that 1!?!?!"

If you care to read the thread, I happened to have copied it just before posting since I know the forums sometimes eat posts if you take too long to write them. As a result, I had it saved. I posted it just before this so that it's not at the very front since people might be tired of hearing me talk about enchanting.


Ngita said...

Not argueing the right or wrong of it but i think you probably got hard done by.

But there was a thread their allready when you added yours and the week before it had been more like 6-7 threads.

As for the topic itself I am sick of it. Take cloth selling for about 10% more then bandage vendor value. Use a max level tailor to convert it at best dust for cloth level. I was buying dust off the AH for 40% less! then that cost last weekend.

Klepsacovic said...

I have my own way of getting dust using a JC. But prices crashed recently; 3g before now down below 2.5g

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