I got a dwarf rogue!

| Monday, November 23, 2009
I was camping outside the Alliance inn in Dalaran and I saw another dwarf coming out. As I was standing I got annoyed and started complaining in gchat: "hunter... DK... paladin... wwwwwwww" And finally I caught up to it and nailed it with the turkey shooter that I'd stuck on one of my bars. I was prepared and it paid off.

The dwarf rogue was MINE.

Now I have two shooters left and only need Horde rogues: troll, orc, undead.

And I've cooked up the food for the next four days worth of dailies, so I can start at TB and work my way east.

Turkinator was tricky, took some patience to find a spot and time with no competition. My advice: don't be persistent. Give up quickly so you're not getting in the way of other people. Then they can finish and get out of your way. Eastern Tirisfal seems to work well, I guess people are too lazy to run over there, especially northeast. Actually I got the buff a second time while farming turkeys for the cooking.


G-Rebel said...

I was running around with a guild-mate trying to shoot Horde rogues when we decided to go to the BE starting area and make a BE rogue each to finish off our achivement. We got there and what happens? I'm out of charges on my shooter. I'm such an idiot!

Then I went to sit at tables in Undercity. I got in, died, then came back to life, sat, ate, died again. But I forgot to put on my robe. I'm a double idiot!

I just need to stop trying.

Klepsacovic said...

WoW is clearly nothing more than a Boy Scout propaganda machine, teaching us to always be prepared.

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