Math says retribution is OP

| Monday, November 16, 2009
Iapetes told me that he was doing Wintergrasp and beating people 2v1. You might think this just means he's skilled. Math says that's exactly the point and proves that ret is OP.

Let's run over some facts.
1) He was facing another ret paladin plus another player.
2) Math.

To elaborate on fact 2: If you have two equal infinities and add a finite value to one, then divide them, you'll get 1. This is because next to infinity, everything else is infinitely small and therefore zero, so adding the finite number has no effect on the ratio.

To put this in terms of player skill, let's imagine a power ratio exists between all competing groups. This is the ratio of the composite of player skill and class power. In cases where one group loses, it is clear that one is higher than the other. But how can 2 be greater than 1? Simple: Make 1 in each group infinite. This will cause the power ratio to go to one; at which point luck, which is innately infinite, to be the deciding factor.

In other words: Ret paladins are overpowered and this explains how ret+player can lose to another ret.


Leah said...

ret pallies are op when you cannot dispel their damn bubbles or interrupt their heals while they are bubbled (curse you silencing shot for betraying me) they are however very very squishy against a disc or shadow priest or warrior that is of similar skill (fear, dot, heal, rinse repeat, or smash, disarm, shattering through for bubbles)

when a ret pally kills my hunter, becasue they have 2 stuns (and some of them pick up engineering for that added oomph) and I have no way of interrupting their bubble and heals, that's pretty much how that goes :/ when I kill a ret pally on my hunter, that means I either caught them when their bubble was on CD, or they are bad.

I may be wrong here, but I'm reasonably sure that, divine protection even makes them immune to frost trap (I'll need to watch more carefully, and time it better , but i think concussive shot doesn't work either and you can forget concussive barrage), so I cannot really kite them if they chose to finish me off as opposed to healing themselves first. and they are definitely immune to scorpid sting/chimera shot combo.

the solution? shrug off that first death, find them again and then kill them over and over for the next 20 minutes or so :P poor bastards.

Vanessa said...

Mage Iceblock is as OP as pallie shield. Can only be mass dispelled.

Ret pallies are built wrong, but they are definitely not OP.

Klepsacovic said...

Iapetes says to not troll my readers.

As a rule of thumb, if someone invokes the mathematical properties of infinite quantities, they're either a nerd, exaggerating for [failed] comedic effect, or both.

Nick said...

None of this makes any sense.

None of your math makes any sense either.

Why do you put a reply in your own blog post about how you might be lying or laughing?

Did you post the blog post just to be sarcastic? If so, how is a normal user supposed to tell?

Klepsacovic said...

@Nick: I put in a reply because I believe it is disrespectful to ignore comments. The post was intended to be taken as a joke.

Nick said...

Yea I thought it seemed a bit weird, I just couldn't detect that sly sense of humor you have by just your post.

A healthy amount of :-p might have helped a new reader catch your drift?

Some people might have thought you were serious though!

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